A DASA Ambassador leverages their knowledge and expertise in raising awareness of the importance of the DevOps practices both online and in local markets via thought leadership actions.

The volunteers of this program help define the execution of DASA's vision via active participation in several activities within the DASA ecosystem.

Together, all DASA Ambassadors proactively contribute to advocating the development of high-performance teams through DevOps and Agile initiatives.

DASA Ambassadors

How to Apply


DASA Ambassadors need to adhere to a number of specific requirements

  • They are individuals recognized for their expertise and ambition to promote DASA both online and in their local community. 
  • They are appointed by the DASA  Community Engagement Manager for 1-year terms.
  • They are DASA volunteers who engage in an individual plan, previously agreed upon by the DASA Community Engagement Manager, aligning mutual expectations and goals.
  • They live up to and adhere to the DASA Ambassador Code of Conduct and fulfill the DASA Ambassador General Responsibilities.
Stephan Brendel

"The DASA competence model has made a huge difference for me, as it stands out at a time when DevOps has rather been a philosophy. That’s why I became a DASA Ambassador in the early days and I am proud to be part of a team that has grown a real and applied DevOps approach."

Stephan Brendel - DASA Ambassador 

Lucas Reginato

"As a DASA Ambassador, I want to help define the steps required in a DevOps Transformation process, boosting corporations to make the next step into the DevOps world. One of my ambitions is to share the latest information and research generated by the top minds of DASA with the Brazilian market."

Lucas Reginato - DASA Ambassador 


What are some benefits of becoming a DASA Ambassador?
  • Opportunity to connect with peers all around the world to generate valuable discussions, share experiences and learnings, support each other with contacts, sources, and potential business opportunities.
  • Enhanced credibility and reputation by speaking at conferences on behalf of DASA.
  • Get public recognition on the DASA website as an official DASA Ambassador and gain use of the DASA Ambassador badge.
  • Get free mentions in our official social media platforms while promoting your thought-leadership activities.
  • Early access to strategic information, the most updated version of DASA certifications, outcomes of the working groups, exclusive programs, etc. before it becomes public.
  • Access to the DASA Monthly Ambassador Meeting to get information first hand of what is going on and how to be part of it.
  • Gain the ability to develop local markets and contribute to DASA's online presence.
What are some activities a DASA Ambassador might be involved in?
  • Create content and buzz to support DASA’s vision of an open and community-driven approach to building high-performance teams through DevOps and Agile initiatives.
  • Participate in and contribute to local community events and gatherings, and represent DASA on these occasions.
  • Present at DevOps and Agile seminars and events. At these events, they discuss, for example, how DASA thought leadership delivers faster and better solutions for organizations.
  • Contribute to working groups where DASA Ambassadors come together with other DevOps and Agile thought-leaders and collaborate in developing and delivering new products and services needed by organizations when they start their DevOps transformation journeys.
  • Answer community questions on social networks or via direct messaging.
  • Get involved early in new DASA launches, and provide early feedback to marketing and launch initiatives to ensure that DASA programs resonate well in their local markets.
Can DASA appoint multiple Ambassadors per country?
  • DASA will evaluate the number of Ambassadors per country on a case-by-case  basis. The number of Ambassadors is defined, among others, by the profile of the Ambassador, the working groups they are involved in, and the size and maturity of the region they represent.
What is the commitment required for being a DASA Ambassador?
  • The commitment depends on the interests and ambitions of the Ambassador, established in an individual plan. 
  • DASA further expects the Ambassador to engage in a monthly call with the other DASA Ambassadors and to be in constant communication with the DASA Community Engagement Manager where the Ambassador shares and discusses their evolution of the Individual plan.
Does DASA pay its Ambassadors?
  • No, being an Ambassador is a volunteer role for a select group of individuals. DASA could pay for specific out-of-pocket expenses, but in essence this role is unpaid and completely voluntary.
Can anyone become a DASA Ambassadors?
  • In general, any professional that has experience in the Agile/DevOps domain and is willing to continuously engage with the DASA community, and agree on an Individual plan could become a DASA Ambassador.
  • After reviewing their application in detail, the DASA Community Engagement Manager will get in touch to define next steps.