DASA Ambassador Responsibilities and Code of Conduct

General Responsibilities of DASA Ambassador 

During their participation on the DASA Ambassador program, Ambassador’s General Responsibilities are defined as follows:
  1. Ambassador actively represents DASA in the Region by participating in forums, events and DevOps and Agile community initiatives.
  2. Ambassador participates in periodic calls with the DASA Community Engagement Manager to discuss their Individual Plan created together with Ambassador for the coming months and evaluate past activities. 
  3. Ambassador is expected to participate in the monthly DASA Ambassador (virtual) meetup (“DASA Monthly Ambassador Meeting (MAM)”) scheduled by DASA in which the community shares global updates, exchange ideas, experiences, and feedback. Due to time zone differences, there are two sessions: one at first-time in the morning and another before business day closes, both Central European Time. Ambassador is invited to both sessions and can join whichever session suits him/her best or even both and commits no more than two unexcused absences in a year. 

DASA Ambassador Code of Conduct

The Ambassador Code of Conduct drives the engagement of Ambassadors in the community. Ambassadors live up to and adhere to the following Code of Conduct:


  • Be considerate. Our work will be used by other people, and we in turn will depend on the work of others.
  • Communicate wisely. When communicating, it’s important to recognize that your words have an effect on the people reading them. Do not include obscene content or act inappropriately.
  • Don’t sell your own services or your own organization. We want you to succeed in your own profession, but when you are representing DASA we would like you to live up to DASA’s mantra of open, collaborative, and neutral. DASA Ambassadors need to be respectful and communicate in a professional way.
  • Balance your approach. Don’t overdo postings to social media, spamming or your engagement with the community.
  • Be respectful. Not everyone may have the same opinion about DASA or the DevOps or Agile domain, but at all times treat the community with respect.
  • Speak only for yourself when you are asked for your opinion while serving as an Ambassador, and make it clear that it is your personal opinion and not that of DASA.
  • Do not engage in talking negatively about competitive DevOps programs or organizations in the market – It is okay to compare and contrast differences but not to engage in negative discussions.

Representing DASA

  • Keep DASA information confidential that is not shared with the public yet, but openly share, disseminate and distribute DASA thought leadership and content in the manner DASA expects it to be shared.
  • Act and speak professionally in a manner that reflects positively on DASA.
  • Do not make any inaccurate or deceptive statements about DASA, it’s products or services.
  • Respect DASA’s trademarks and follow DASA’s trademark policy.
  • Make sure that when you are using DASA thought leadership or marketing materials that they are up to date and are the latest version.
  • Properly present your role as a DASA Ambassador on LinkedIn or other social media and do not present yourself as a DASA employee or DASA Partner.
  • Avoid a conflict of interest at all cost between your professional day job and your role as the Ambassador. When speaking with competitive organizations be clear you act on behalf of the DASA community and not only for your own company goals.