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Evolution in the digital world has never been this fast. Are you keeping up?

DevOps and Agile Skills Association (DASA) develops and promotes good practices to enable adoption of DevOps principles and methods to help organizations embrace new ways to build and manage software, and provides guidance to support the talent transformation and people readiness that is inherent to such major evolution.

Upcoming Launches


competency framework

Tuesday, May 24, 2022
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm CEST

To address this challenge, and to start making a breakthrough, join the DevOps Competency Framework launch, a unique talent assessment, and analysis to help guide your transformation journey.


talent academy

Thursday, June 9, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm CEST

The DASA Talent Academy is the all-round continuous learning hub for all DevOps skills. Allow employees access to thousands of learning assets based on each team member’s role.

Digital Readiness Assessment Launch

Digital Readiness Assessment Launch

Tuesday, June 14, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm CEST

Our Digital Readiness Assessment is a unique tool that measures the current state of your organization along seven foundational dimensions of organizational readiness.


For us, DevOps isn’t a thing. It’s not a product, standard, specification, framework or job title. DevOps is about experiences, ideas and culture to create high-performing IT organizations.


Customer-Centric Action

Courage to act, Innovate.


Create with the End in Mind

Product & Service thinking, Engineering mindset, Collaborate.


End-To-End Responsibility

Live your accountability, Concept to Grave, performance support.


Cross-Functional Autonomous Teams

T-shaped profiles, complementary skills.


Continuous Improvement

If it hurts do it more often, experiment, fail fast.


Automate Everything You Can

Enhance quality, maximize flow.


“We are excited about the possibility of growing our knowledge, expertise and network among different professionals through DASA membership.”

Sari Alander, Agile Lead, Visma

Reasons Leading Organizations Choose DASA

Establish the DevOps rituals, traditions and ceremonies for the various roles and processes that help establish a successful culture, and imbibes new behaviors your teams and your organization at large strives to adopt.

Gain access to exclusive member resources, templates, and exchange real-life and practical approaches with leading DevOps experts.

Attract and nurture the right talent and offer your employees access to recognition programs, career development guidance, continuous learning interventions, role-based pathways, employee engagement, and certification, tailored to your needs.

Connect with other DevOps forerunners and practitioners at member-only events, and share experienced-based learnings to accelerate your success.

Benefit from peer mentorship, community publications, operational best practices, and gain insight with analyst briefings on key-industry initiatives.

Upcoming Events

Date Title Presenter Type
DevOps Competency Framework John Ruppel, Marcel Foederer, Sam Rosbergen, Andrea Tucker Webinar
Improving Time to Market for Digital Products and Services John Ruppel, Sumeet Ahuja, Matt Young, Morgane Pras, Mehdi Alaoui Event
How to Effectively and Efficiently Manage Talent Sophie Lathière-Garwood, Dimitri van den Broek Webinar
DASA Talent Academy Launch Sukhbir Jasuja, Andrea Tucker, Laura Vasilov Webinar
Digital Readiness Assessment Launch Johan Beijar, Sebastiaan Laurijsse Webinar
The Essential Role of the DevOps Coach, How to Overcome the Cultural Dilemma Christine Aykac, Marian Draganov, Antoni Tzavelas Webinar

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