DevOps Enterprise Summit – Accelerating DevOps Teams

A week has passed since the DevOps Enterprise Summit took place in Vegas, and the reviews are rolling in. Overall the response is overwhelmingly positive, and it is so exciting to see the industry come together and share experiences and learn from each other.

A central theme in all the reviews is the importance of building high performing teams as a critical ingredient for DevOps success.

DASA Forerunner Xebia Labs, for example, provides a range of cases from speakers that talk about bringing all the relevant skills together and deliver upon organizational goals. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Techbeacon also provided an interesting review of #DOES18. The central theme of their perspective is – how to accelerate teamwork. In their article, they reference an insights   from Jez Humble and Nicole Forsgren: “If you let teams build autonomy (to improve software delivery), you can improve culture as well. And if you build a resilient culture based on a drive toward high performance, you’ll be able to repeatedly and reliably deploy changes even when problems arise, such as a security breach.”

Paul Wikinson CEO of GamingWorks and DASA Ambassador shared that Leadership was the top scoring challenge named by delegates at DOES18 and the importance of Leadership to get high performing DevOps teams engaged.

In all the examples and reviews the importance of autonomous high performing teams comprised of motivated T-shaped professionals is reflected. DASA was founded specifically for this reason – our goal is to help organizations become successful with DevOps by building high performing teams. Everything we do is geared to support this objective.

The DASA DevOps Competence Quickscan, for example, helps IT professionals understand where they stand in working in a DevOps team and their skill gap. DASA DevOps Certifications help to address these gaps and provides a path to IT Professionals and teams to deliver excellent business value.

These positive examples make us realize day in day out that it’s essential to continue our journey and help IT professionals build the right skills and capabilities they need to be part of High performing DevOps teams. Ready to join the movement?

go DASA!

Deborah Burton

Managing Director, DASA

Deborah Burton is the Managing Director of the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA). She is responsible for building connections in the DevOps and Agile training…

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