Organizations face the requirement to transform their practices to stay relevant. One major challenge they repeatedly see is talent – the question is, do we have people with the skills to support and maintain the transformation?

To address this challenge and make a breakthrough, the DevOps Competency Framework offers a unique talent assessment and analysis to help guide the transformation journey.

The framework makes it easy for organizations to identify and assess skills needed to inform their organizational talent strategy.

DevOps competency-framework
Why Competency Framework

The framework defines the components needed within all key DevOps roles. It will help organizations reassess and develop their talent strategy across the moments that matter in the employee journey: recruitment, onboarding, development, career planning, and offboarding.

The framework recognizes the 15 most common DevOps job roles across 5 job categories and maps each role to over 250 knowledge, skill, attitude, and attribute classifications.

With the framework, organizations can answer these questions:

  • What is needed to create a balanced, high-performance team?
  • What roles & responsibilities do we need?
  • What competencies do we need?
  • What skills do we need?
  • What level of skills do we need for each role?

The framework envisions organizations achieving the following


An inventory of their talent’s capabilities and their comparison with the capabilities required for digital age success.


Launching upskilling and reskilling programs to help people transition from their current capabilities to the desired capabilities.


Hiring, onboarding, and growing talent with the capabilities to help them succeed at personal, professional, and organizational levels.

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DevOps Competency Framework Components

5 Top Talent Management Trends 2022

Core values

Critical components of the DASA competency framework as they explain one or more aspects important to finding flow in the delivery of IT services.

High-Performance Digital Organization

Core competencies

The behaviors that people must possess and exhibit. These competencies are grouped into several sub-competencies.


Technical capabilities

Defined by the technical knowledge required to perform the duties and responsibilities assumed by a given role.

competency framework


To address this challenge, and to start making a breakthrough, we are inviting you to join the DevOps Competency Framework launch, a unique talent assessment, and analysis to help guide your transformation journey.