The Competency Framework is a coalescence of skills and competencies. The competency framework aims to equip individuals to enhance their skills based on the requirements of their job role. The framework encompasses the major job categories covered in the IT Industry.

Based on each job category, multiple job roles are mapped under each category. The Competency Framework maps different skills as beginner, intermediate and advanced under each job role.

Why Competency Framework

Why Choose Competency Framework?

The Competency Framework model can help individuals understand the level of skills and capabilities they possess. Based on this, there are multiple benefits that the framework offers

  • The framework can equip individuals in understanding the areas where they need to upgrade their skills. 
  • It can support organizations in hiring the right talent by scanning them, helped by the competency model.
  • The framework can help organizations with the proper onboarding process.
  • Most importantly, the framework can help organizations plan and execute their employees' career development.
  • It can also support organizations with performance management of the employees in the long term.


How to Use the Competency Framework Model?

To optimally use the Competency Framework model, the organizations can follow the Competency Framework tool and map skills required based on the job role of an individual. This will help member organizations understand the individual's current skill set. Based on the evaluation of the scan, organizations can then plan the right course of training and development needs of the individuals.

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