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Focuses on how to lead, drive, or support a successful DevOps transformation in practice. Apply all available leadership best practices to transform your organization and develop yourself as a modern and digital-savvy leader.

Create a Performance Infrastructure

When members of an organization are motivated, work autonomously, and feel ownership in an environment where there is a well articulated vision, enabling (formal and/or informal) leadership, and a culture of trust, the organization creates and achieves maximum business value.

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DevOps Leader Place in the DASA Competence Model

Although no prior certification is necessary for DASA DevOps Leader, the course does build on the foundational- level principles and concepts covered in the DASA DevOps Fundamentals course and the professional-level knowledge and skills covered in the DASA DevOps Enable and Scale course. Like Enable and Scale, DASA DevOps Leader emphasizes the Skills part of the DASA Competence framework, leaders require these skills more compared to the (raw) knowledge alone.

After completing the DASA DevOps Leader course, you will cover the area marked shaded in the following figure of the DASA qualification scheme. As a result, you will reach the ‘Expert’ level at the four skills areas of the DASA competence framework.

DASA DevOps Competence Model
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This quiz is based on the DASA DevOps Leader course and speaks about Digital Transformations, the new generation of leaders, and Leadership styles.

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DASA DevOps Leader


The DASA DevOps Leader qualification is aimed at managers and leaders who have working experience and interest in taking a (formal or informal) leadership role. These leaders help teams and organizations to transform to become more nimble, grow revenues and profits, accelerate new value propositions,


DASA DevOps Leader

You know how to do DevOps, but do you know how to get your organisation to adopt it? DevOps culture requires better leadership capabilities. Leaders who make improvements will foster a healthy environment conducive to change. It is crucial for DevOps adoption to have a Read more