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When members of an organization are motivated, work autonomously, and feel ownership in an environment where there is a well articulated vision, enabling (formal and/or informal) leadership, and a culture of trust, the organization creates and achieves maximum business value.

DASA DevOps Leader

About The Course Focus


As an IT Leader in an organization that wishes to realize the benefits of DevOps philosophy and approach, you are aware of the role you are expected to play in organizational transformation and scaling. You are accountable for creating a high-performance digital organization consisting of autonomous high-performance teams.

Being responsible for leading the DevOps transformation and creating the framework for teams to scale and achieve maximum business value, you should know how to establish transformation teams, management structures, organizational design and governance models.

DevOps Transformation

The course focuses on leading, driving, and supporting a successful DevOps transformation in practice. With lots of best practices, patterns, and anti-patterns from organizational culture, change management, leadership, people, process, and technology points of view, you will understand the importance of (informal and formal) leadership to create high-performance digital organizations.

More importantly, you will assess and evaluate the available leadership best practices transforming your organizations.

Over 70% of all organizational transformations fail. DASA DevOps Leader focuses on inspiring, training, and growing a community of prospective leaders who are striving to improve this percentage, because they know how to successfully lead such transformations.

Through real-life case studies and experiences consisting of both successes and failures, you will explore the mechanisms to apply the right transformation techniques and approaches, that are fit for purpose in your organizational context, as well as developing the right skills and competences of a modern and digital-savvy leader.

Is This Course For You?

The DASA DevOps Leader qualification is aimed at managers and leaders who have working experience and interest in taking a (formal or informal) leadership role. These leaders help teams and organizations to transform to become more nimble, grow revenues and profits, accelerate new value propositions, increase the performance of teams and get more business value out of IT.

Highly Interactive Learning

The course consists of 8 practice-based sessions, designed to accelerate your understanding of challenges involved in leading a transformation towards a DevOps oriented style of working and operating, and the leadership approaches to mitigate risks in such transformations.

Given the construct of the program to focus on real-life and practical approaches, the program is enriched by experience sharing among the participants and is facilitated by instructors who all have real-life experiences of witnessing failures and successes of such transformations.

Learning by Doing

Key concepts, principles and practices are used to inspire and provoke you, and challenge you to form an opinion and translate this to actionable strategies and activities. During the course, you'll develop a plan which requires you to apply the relevant frameworks that are covered while building a well thought through transformation journey covering various dimensions of the transformation. The plan is part of your final assessment.

Growing Leaders, Not Certified Professionals

We acknowledge hard work and commitment to the DevOps Leader course. We avoid a focus on ‘certification as the primary goal’. The intrinsic drive for you to keep learning and developing yourself, inspire others, share knowledge and experiences, and connect with peers is far more rewarding and important.

Quality over Quantity

Weekly in-depth forum discussions with your peers and getting inspired by real life experiences and war stories of other similar minded leaders is more powerful than processing hours of theory. The emphasis of the course is on facilitated discussions with references to the research work that DASA is doing around the workings of successful DevOps organizations. This allows you to ‘fill your backpack’ while developing a critical thinking mindset.

Continuous Learning

We support a life long learning approach as you are never done learning. You get a subscription to the Enterprise Leadership Forum and to our community platform. This exclusive access provides a continuous learning experience with a growing body of peers and knowledge to guide you on your own transformations.


The course is developed around DASA’s research on state of the art and state of the practice examples on why DevOps transformations fail or succeed. This research, bundled with a toolkit for kick-starting successful DevOps transformations, and calibrating the progress during the transformation phases, will dramatically increase your chances of success.

Course Curriculum

The module emphasizes the core concepts of DevOps, change management, and the role leaders play in leading DevOps transformation. This knowledge will enable you to analyze existing market trends in digital disruption, discuss the impact of these trends on a typical organization, and understand the urgency for digital transformation for organizations to remain competitive.

You’ll learn how to apply essential leadership practices that eliminate old corporate management philosophies and practices, how you can grow the right type of culture to attract and retain the right people, and transform their ways of working.

When you have acquired the required knowledge from this certification program, you will be able to:

  • Recollect key drivers for digital disruption, and understand the role DevOps plays in digital transformations, and the role DevOps Leaders can play in leading these transformations.
  • Distinguish contemporary leadership styles and practices and their pros and cons in a DevOps environment, and apply these to your organization and/or transformation.
  • Apply learnings to create a value case, 'why,' and scope of your DevOps transformations.
  • Understand key ingredients that organizations and leaders need to invest in for creating the right “smell of the place,” attracting and retaining talented employees, and developing a high-performance culture in your organization.
  • Analyze how to change traditional “Business vs. IT” operating models and governance structures to DevOps-supporting ones.
  • Analyze how best to optimize between team autonomy and ownership on the one hand, and architectural, technical, and organizational constraints on the other hand to manage quality, IT risk, and compliance in a DevOps organization.
  • Compare and contrast personal and organizational leadership patterns and anti-patterns in the various stages of a DevOps transformation and from various perspectives, such as people, process, and technology.
  • Lead a transformation within your organizational context with a focus on the key DASA DevOps principles, values, and practices.
  • Own your digital leadership journey throughout the transformation by continuously reflecting, learning, and (re)defining your leadership style.

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Participants' Experiences


Certified DASA DevOps Leaders

Who you’ll learn from

The instructors for this course are skilled and highly experienced DevOps transformation professionals with a proven track record. They have been hand-picked and have undergone an extensive evaluation process.



Founder, Rethink Digital

There are few professionals who can claim a richer experience leading and growing high-performance teams for highly-renowned organizations than Rik. Via his company Rethink Digital, Rik's main passion is helping organizations to survive in this digital era, i.e. help them accelerate and improve by smartly leveraging new digital capabilities.
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The Responsibilities & Expectations of DevOps Leaders Driving Transformational Change

Propelling cultural change is not an easy and simple thing to do. That’s why it’s essential for transformational changes to be led by experts who are familiar with the nuances and intricacies of DevOps. Only then can obstacles related to the poor degree of engagement and openness to change be speedily surpassed. Discover what makes the role of DevOps Leaders so necessary, what they do, and what their impact truly is.



Senior Director Generic IT Services & User Experience, NXP Semiconductors

Sebastiaan’s name has become synonymous with leading digital and fast pace product development. His conviction on the importance of transparent and open communication, fact based decision making and execution at speed has given him a proven track record accelerating global high-tech companies.
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A Case Study of Global DevOps Adoption: Insights & Learnings from NXP’s DevOps Roll Out

Find out what worked and didn’t work and get a first-hand perspective from Sebastiaan Laurijsse about the DevOp roll-out at NXP Semiconductors. In this powerful learning story, a number of insights will be given on the roadmap, the key people involved, and the value created by this global initiative. Learn from the challenges faced and pitfalls avoided in what is certainly one of the remarkable DevOps implementations around the world and become acquainted with the true value being created by DevOps Leaders.

DevOps Leader Place in the DASA Competence Model

Although no prior certification is necessary for DASA DevOps Leader, the course does build on the foundational- level principles and concepts covered in the DASA DevOps Fundamentals course and the professional-level knowledge and skills covered in the DASA DevOps Enable and Scale course. Like Enable and Scale, DASA DevOps Leader emphasizes the Skills part of the DASA Competence framework, leaders require these skills more compared to the (raw) knowledge alone.

After completing the DASA DevOps Leader course, you will cover the area marked shaded in the following figure of the DASA qualification scheme. As a result, you will reach the ‘Expert’ level at the four skills areas of the DASA competence framework.





Brochure: DASA DevOps Leader Course


DASA DevOps Leader Syllabus

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