The DevOps Coach inspires teams and individuals with thought-provoking and creative processes. The core focus of the DASA DevOps coach is to enable and sustain the DevOps transformation. The DevOps Coach drives performance and is a catalyst for change, for individuals, teams and the organization.

DevOps Coaches comprehend the essence of DevOps and how to coach teams in adopting DevOps principles or overcoming challenges. DASA DevOps Coaches are familiar with various coaching models and instruments and are able to apply the best model for the organization and people at any point in time.

The DevOps Coach has become a critical role in driving DevOps success and organizational performance as DevOps requires a cultural shift towards a new mindset, behaviors, and ways of working.

DASA DevOps Coach

DASA DevOps Coach program was inspirational and is a unique global certification program for DevOps Coaches. I like the way that this program highlights Coaching and softer skills as DevOps often remains “stuck” at a technical and tool level. It makes it strong by including aspects of coaching as defined by ICF.

Anu Ravi, Agile Coach and winner of the leadership Agility Award (2019, by World Agility Forum)

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Learning Objectives

When you have acquired the required knowledge from this DevOps Coach certification program, you will be able to:
  • Recollect the knowledge of DevOps and connect the role of a DevOps Coach to the DASA DevOps Principles
  • Comprehend the mindset and role of a DevOps Coach
  • Understand the characteristics, structures, and life-cycles of DevOps teams and how to Coach them to high-performance
  • Learn using the GROW model as an effective tool during the entire coaching process
  • Discover and learn the art of “Feedback” and creating a feedback culture using various “Feedback” models
  • Learn about DevOps transformation mastery
  • Distinguish the responsibilities of “DevOps Coach” and “DevOps Leader”
  • Understand that DASA DevOps Coaching is for continuous “Performance” and “Change” – and understand underlying the metrics.
  • Learn skills, techniques and mindset shifts and deep dive into inner and outer competencies focusing both what you do, and how you are being
  • Understand and utilize coaching skills and knowledge to create high performing teams that are resilient, innovative, resourceful and ready for their continuous improvements
  • Understand the 4 different key modes: Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation & Consulting. Learn when, why and how to apply the right mode
  • Apply learnings to build a business case and plan for the DevOps Transformation journey
  • Interpret the DevOps organizational goals and establish the critical role high performing teams have in this


The DASA DevOps Coach certification is aimed at:
  • (Lean, Agile, DevOps) Coaches
  • Executives
  • Business and IT Managers
  • Information Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Enterprise Architects
  • DevOps Team Members

Course Requirements

Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, and DevOps framework is beneficial. The course is beneficial for professionals, such as:
  • Professionals who have working knowledge of coaching, hands-on experience in helping organizations adopt DevOps principles.
  • Experienced DevOps professionals who have helped organizations actually transition to DevOps -preferably guided by the DASA DevOps competence model.
  • Professionals who have coached in 2 or more organizations, departments, or programs.
  • Professionals who have some formal or informal education about coaching.
  • There is no need to be certified on DASA DevOps Fundamentals. Prior to the Coach course, the participants will receive reading materials about DASA’s Competence Model and the 6 DASA Principles. Participants will need to read this and familiarize themselves with this critical piece of content, before the start of the first day.   Participants who have already joined the DASA DevOps Fundamentals are already familiar with these concepts.  

The DASA coach training is one of the best personal and professional development courses I have done by far. The way it combines psychological and organizational transformation theories is impressive. By doing mini assignments during the day, the skills you learn are immediately practiced and perfected. You can really feel that this course was created by experienced IT leaders with a strong interest and background in Psychology. I’m extremely satisfied with the skills I learned during the course and I am actively using what I learned every day.

Sam Rosbergen, Enterprise DevOps coach/Run manager at DevOps Transavia

See what other DevOps experts say about the DevOps Coach program

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