SIMPRAGMA and YAYATI, enabling Digital Transformations – powered by DASA

Simpragma is a boutique organisation with passionate experts who operate as “IT seals” on mission critical projects for start-ups and large organizations.


simpragmaTheir expertise includes

  • DevOps
  • Design thinking
  • Digital transformation
  • 3D

Simpragma is mastering all the major (DevOps) tools, techniques, languages and they commit to deliver at 10X-Speed and 10X-Scale. Simpragma is following DASA DevOps methodologies to develop individuals into High Performing Teams.

The approach is hands-on; enabling Digital Transformations for Customers at speed; from Vision to Reality.

YAYATI prepares clients for transformation by design, as opposed to change by default.

yayatiYayati’s services reshape the three key pillars of what they call integral business:

  • Leadership development
  • Human-centric innovation
  • Digital solutions

Over the last 1.5 Years, Yayati delivered more than 20 DASA DevOps courses in multiple countries across the Asian continent. Akhilesh Chaturvedi, CEO and Founder is a DASA Ambassador, visionary and a trusted coach for many Business Leaders.

It was great meeting the Team for one day. Thanks to co-founders Manjunath Hanasi, Ankush Deshpande and Akhilesh Chaturvedi for the inspiration, connections, partnership and warm welcome. I am very impressed with your capabilities covering so many technologies and domains, from Strategy to Execution.

Proud to partner with YAYATI and SIMPRAGMA.