Building Cross-Functional Teams in the DevOps Transformation Process

Being able to position members with cross-functional competencies within the team is one of the critical issues for Agile and DevOps transformation processes. However, no matter how much time you spend, it is unlikely that each member of the team will have every competency needed… Read more

Why DASA DevOps Coach

84% percent of digital transformations fail. For the 16% that don’t, success requires a fundamental shift in how people think about how they interact and how they collaborate and work. Organizations have spent time changing people’s behaviors, cultures, and decision-making. To make this fundamental shift,… Read more

Digital Transformation and DevOps

Transformation “Transformation” has become a part of our everyday business lexicon, just like other associated words, such as “Strategy.” Over the past decade, the pace of organizational transformations has picked up due to many market driven considerations, such as changing customer demographics and their expectations,… Read more