How to Define DevOps

Hundreds of definitions exist for DevOps. Here, we have captured three in which we highlighted essential elements by underlying them. As you can see, these elements stand for something larger than an intangible but also applicable to enterprise-wide IT improvement and continuous innovation of the IT capability.

Key points:

  • DevOps is also about communication, helping tightly integrated
    disciplines to understand each other’s roles and challenges in
    a better manner.
  • It’s about working together toward a common goal and enabling
    businesses to succeed by helping them release quality and
    stable products and services faster and with fewer failures and
  • There’s no overall authority on DevOps. It’s a movement,
    inspired by practitioners for practitioners.
  • No one owns DevOps. It’s a culture, and it’s about improving
    how we work together.

Source: DASA DevOps Fundamentals coursebook.

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