When Do You Need More Teams to Deliver Value?

You might have found yourself asking when are more teams needed to deliver value.

  • The Product Owners must coordinate the delivery of value.
  • Role of PO in coordinating work across teams:
    • PO Sync
    • Working with Product Management and/or Chief PO

In a DevOps environment, we prefer teams to be as autonomous as possible. This is not always possible. In these cases, the Product Owners must coordinate the delivery of value. Teams must tune the delivery of value to one another. If teams work in Sprints/Iterations, they must ensure that related work is done in the same Sprint to ensure that the complete value is delivered to the customer, rather than having part of the value created only for it to have to wait before it can be delivered to the customer, because another team has not created its part of the total value.

Two possible methods are:

  1. PO Sync: This is a meeting in which POs work together to coordinate work across teams and Sprints.
  2. Product Management or Chief Product Owner (CPO): In these cases, the product/service is supported by a number of teams. The Chief Product Owner manages the entire backlog of the product and coordinates the realization of the backlog items with the Product Owners of teams supporting parts of the product. As a result of varying amounts of other work (incidents, operational work, etc.), the capacity available for development work will vary per team. It is up to the POs together with the CPO to synchronize the work across the teams.

Source: DASA DevOps Product Owner coursebook.

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