Organisation Overview

Cegeka is an ambitious and leading European IT solutions provider. In line with our motto ‘In close cooperation’ we strive to provide the best possible customer service and to support our more than 2,500 customers in their digitization journey. Cegeka offers end-to-end solutions and services in the fields of Data, Applications and Infrastructure, which are strongly interconnected.

Within the Cegeka organization, Citymesh is our mobile connectivity specialist for the business-to-business market. Nexuzhealth develops tailor-made solutions for the healthcare sector and Cegeka Business Solutions is the European Dynamics house, the go-to partner for Microsoft D365 solutions.

Cegeka has over 5,000 employees with locations in the Benelux, Germany, Austria, Romania, Moldova, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden, and a consolidated turnover of 640 million euros.

Cegeka is a European family-owned company. It was founded in 1992 by André Knaepen, who is currently the chairman of the board of directors. Since 2020, CEO Stijn Bijnens has been managing the company from its head office in Hasselt, Belgium. Cegeka Nederland, with approximately 1,450 employees and offices in Veenendaal, Eindhoven, Zoetermeer, Utrecht, Groningen and Amsterdam, is managed by Karim Henkens.


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DASA Service Provider Membership