From Slogans and Buzzwords to Behaviors and Value

The CEO rubs his throbbing temples. Digital disruption is giving him a headache. All this talk about digital transformation and how competitors are stealing business away with their new ‘DevOps’ ways of working – whatever that ‘DevOps’ means. Never mind all of this transformation stuff,… Read more

How DevOps and CI/CD contribute to Antifragility

I started exploring DevOps back in 2013. After my upstream journey from programming via designing and requirements engineering to strategy development, I started my downstream journey to examine how strategy can be implemented more quickly and what obstacles need to be overcome in order to… Read more

Building Cross-Functional Teams in the DevOps Transformation Process

Being able to position members with cross-functional competencies within the team is one of the critical issues for Agile and DevOps transformation processes. However, no matter how much time you spend, it is unlikely that each member of the team will have every competency needed… Read more