7 Most Underachieved Business Benefits of DevOps

7 Most Underachieved Business Benefits of DevOps

We live in a world of innovations, one where startups and new companies can completely displace or destabilize entire industries. Today, to remain in business, organizations are more focused on the four key criteria of faster delivery, improved stability, innovation, and reduced costs. DevOps supports… Read more

How Computrain drives growth using DASA’s DevOps courses

CompuTrain Case Study

DASA is continually developing the DevOps course curriculum and refreshing the materials. You get more than just ‘here’s the course and good luck.’ They really want to build the market together. Sjon Post, Computrain Portfolio Manager ABOUT Computrain is a leading Dutch IT training organization… Read more

Value Streams Definition and Guide

The definition of the value stream easiest to relate to is the manufacturing value stream. The value stream represents the set of activities to be performed to deliver an item of value to the customer. The manufacturing value stream produces a physical product. The customer… Read more

7 Reasons Why We Need Transformational Leaders


Transformational leaders inspire transformational change, enabling people to adapt by simultaneously instilling confidence and motivating them. Among transformational leadership characteristics are the following: Emotional intelligence Creativity Adaptability Genuineness Open-mindedness Support Transformational Leaders build company culture by motivating employees – moving from a frame of mind… Read more