There are no rules for DevOps; it is iterative

There are no rules for DevOps

From both sides of the world, we see many rules. Rules can provide demarcation, structure, and safety, but conversely, they can be limiting and restrictive. Rules can therefore be seen as positive as well as negative. We have heard first-hand and read in various places… Read more

Experiencing Digital Talent Squeeze? Strategies to help you Manage

Experiencing Digital Talent Squeeze

We are continually seeing reports today about the ‘great resignation’ and the need for strategies to manage the onboarding, development, and retention of employees. The need for these strategies has been primarily driven by the rise in Covid cases. However, even before the pandemic, we… Read more

5 Top Talent Management Trends 2022

The worldwide pandemic has caused huge workplace disruptions in the last couple of years. The changes will not stop in 2022, considering all the new Covid variants that are continuously emerging and shaping the way of working. This article explores the underlying talent management trends… Read more

Intro: Why Antifragility?


COVID-19 has taught us that agility and resilience are not the only capabilities that organisations needed yesterday; they also need antifragility. Antifragility can be best described as the ability to thrive as a direct result of stressors, shocks, attacks, or failures. The concept was first… Read more