The DASA DevOps Coach program is a concise training program based on international Coaching Standards and the most current DevOps Practices. Participants will learn various Coaching models that will help them guide organizations towards high-performing DevOps teams.

Albert Mark, Business Consultant at Allianz

DASA DevOps Coach program was inspirational and is a unique global certification program for DevOps Coaches. I like the way that this program highlights Coaching and softer skills as DevOps often remains “stuck” at a technical and tool level. It makes it strong by including aspects of coaching as defined by ICF.

Anu Ravi, Agile Coach at ANZ and the winner of The Leadership Agility Award (2019, by World Agility Forum)
Jan de Vries

The DASA DevOps Coach program is packed with practical insights. One of those is the fluent transition between the operation modes of a DevOps coach. As a result, a coach continuously provides added value. I also realised once more how much effort it takes to connect all the organisational pieces in order to enable a working DevOps organisation. The training provided me with the tools to support that.

Jan de Vries, DASA Training and Consulting Partner
Liewke Wentholt

In any organisational change it is of fundamental importance to guide, help, and facilitate the organisation in its transition. It has become abundantly clear that for any organisation to move over to a DevOps way of conducting business this help, guidance, and facilitation of a dedicated DevOps Coach is a bare necessity. The DevOps Coach training is a great step in the right direction.

Liewke Wentholt, Owner at Inock SARL

There aren’t other programs like this one. It was clearly developed with a vision and current knowledge of the IT industry and its needs.

Luis J. Gómez Vázquez, Head of DevOps at KAIRÓS

DevOps movement is like a vehicle for the digital transformation. As any other vehicle, it must have an engine and driver. When engine is too cold and not performing well, we need to support it from the outside. The same is with the organization; we need support. And this is exactly when we need a coach. In the DevOps movement, it would be the DASA DevOps coach.

Martin Vitouš, Founder at
Muneesh Sharma

DASA DevOps Coaches enable teams and individuals to be self-sufficient and help them understand and enjoy what they do. It helps the professionals overcome the pressure of competition and focus on delivering the best customer experience. The program is powerful as it builts on top of the 6 DASA DevOps principles and 12 DASA Competences such as courage, teambuilding, DevOps leadership, and continuous improvement; and knowledge areas that include Business Value Optimization, Business Analysis, Architecture and Design, Programming Continuous Delivery, Test Specification, Infrastructure Engineering. DASA delivers true T-shaped professionals and the DevOps Coach role is to ensure team members grow in their role and become self-learning experts.

Muneesh Sharma, Vice President, Xcelserv & Winner of Next100 CIO Award
Pierre Olivier Portman

The complex role of DevOps Coach jobs requires to master and utilize all of the coaching, mentoring, facilitation and consulting competencies. Deciding when to use which and having the skills to move in and out of each at the appropriate time is a subtle and demanding challenge. And this is where the DASA DevOps Coaches training adds a real value.

Pierre-Olivier Portmann, General Manager at Service Management Consulting
Rajat Tewari

The program is a truly immersive engagement, which addresses the core values and competencies of a global DevOps Coach. This program tackles all relevant areas while bringing in a lot of interaction, games and engaging discussions. Finally, it helps the participants with a clear direction and set of practical tools which can be used as an effective DevOps Coach.

Rajat Tewari, CEO at TranZend

The DASA coach training is one of the best personal and professional development courses I have done by far. The way it combines psychological and organizational transformation theories is impressive. By doing mini assignments during the day, the skills you learn are immediately practiced and perfected. You can really feel that this course was created by experienced IT leaders with a strong interest and background in Psychology. I’m extremely satisfied with the skills I learned during the course and I am actively using what I learned every day.

Sam Rosbergen, Enterprise DevOps coach/Run manager at DevOps Transavia

The DASA DevOps Coach program is a world-class and holistically designed program offered by DevOps Agile Skill Association (DASA). The 3-days workshop is hands-on and rigorous. The supervision of experienced DevOps coaches and the mentorship of Dimitri van den Broek supports in applying the DevOps Coaching Framework, principles, and best practices. The program is so well articulated that it has given me a complete insight on coaching, mentoring, facilitation and consulting competencies for DevOps. I appreciated that the program contains hands-on exercises, case studies, and additional learning resources. It has helped me enhance my leadership skills to develop and drive a DevOps culture in an organization at scale.

Subhajit Bhattacharya, Senior Program Manager, Augmented Intelligence and Innovation at Accenture