The DASA DevOps Coach program is the first in the world addressing this essential role in DevOps transformations and our certification has become the global standard in DevOps Coaching. Many Enterprises around the world are investing in this essential role.

We trained top experts from leading organizations such as Adidas, ABN AMRO, Kairos, Wipro, TCS, Philips, CGI, Dutch Railways, ABB, Diageo, Iron Mountain, Societe Generale, PWC. All these experts are now part of a global team of DevOps Coaches and form a close group that shares knowledge about this exciting new role.

You will learn:
- Why organizations and consulting organizations are investing in this role
- How DASA DevOps Coach can accelerate your career
- Role, scope and purpose of the DASA DevOps Coach
- How to become a member of the global DASA DevOps Coach network