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DASA DevOps Leader

The DASA DevOps Leader qualification is aimed at managers and leaders who have working experience and interest in taking a (formal or informal) leadership role. These leaders help teams and organizations to transform to become more nimble, grow revenues and profits, accelerate new value propositions, increase the performance of teams and get more business value out of IT. The course consists of 8 practice-based sessions, designed to accelerate your understanding of challenges involved in leading a transformation towards a DevOps oriented style of working and operating, and the leadership approaches to mitigate risks in such transformations.
Given the construct of the program to focus on real-life and practical approaches, the program is enriched by experience sharing among the participants and is facilitated by instructors who all have real-life experiences of witnessing failures and successes of such transformations.

Certification Requirements

You will receive the required certification from DASA on the successful completion of the DASA DevOps Leader assessment.

Exam Details

The DASA DevOps Leader assessment will include an examination of theoretical concepts but is also grounded in the experimental learning and activity-based-learning philosophies, focused on learning through reflection on doing (for example, learners writing a position paper or working on and documenting a case study).
DASA DevOps Leader June 13