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Offered by DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

DASA DevOps Coach

DASA DevOps Coach

Exam Included

The DASA DevOps Coach is the only available certification on the market that combines international coaching standards and the most up-to-date DevOps practices. This training helps DevOps coaches empower teams and drive cultural changes in digital transformation.

  DASA DevOps Coach + TTT™    |    Start July 17  |    24 Hours  |    English

DASA DevOps Coach + TTT Details


Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, and DevOps framework is beneficial but not required for the participation of this course.

Course description

The DASA DevOps Coach is the only available certification on the market that combines international coaching standards and the most up-to-date DevOps practices. This training helps DevOps coaches empower teams and drive cultural changes in digital transformation.

Content of the course

The DASA DevOps Coach™ certification is designed to prepare you to become a catalyst for change for high performing individuals, teams, and organizations. DevOps Coaches understand how to advocate and embed DevOps principles in its true spirit and play a crucial role in helping build high performing self-organizing teams.

Like all other hyper-growth trends in the IT industry, the adoption of DevOps is not immune to potential misunderstandings and misconceptions. Besides relevant tooling and technology, DevOps predominantly entails a cultural shift towards a new mindset, behaviors, a new organization, and a new way of working.

DASA DevOps Coaches within organizations make remarkable contributions on the ground in developing team members and teams into high performing teams with a new mindset, behaviors, organization, and a way of working. The objective of the Coach is to help teams develop their DevOps skills, knowledge, and behavior in order to rapidly become self-sufficient and fully leverage the benefits of DevOps.

Coaches promote and facilitate teams that make them more competent and fulfilled so that they are proficient to contribute to their organization and find meaning in DevOps adoption. As a coach, you help to speed up delivery in teams, create more transparency, and build a continuous improvement mindset. At the Organization level, you provide strategic coaching and help organizations achieve their transformational goals.

The DASA DevOps Coach program is designed to prepare professionals for working as an effective DevOps Coach. During this intense, activity-based course you become familiar with the characteristics and traits of a successful DevOps Coach, learn about DASA’s coaching model and apply the DASA DevOps Competence Model in teams and organizations.

Topics covered in the course

Module 0: Program Overview

  • DASA DevOps Overview
  • Program Expectation
  • DASA DevOps Coach Program at a Glance
  • Course Learning Outcome
  • Exam Details

Module 1: DevOps Journey – A Quick Preview

  • Activity – Recall DevOps Fundamentals
  • Activity – IT Industry Evolution
  • Traditional, Agile and DevOps
  • Impact of Technology Trends
  • DevOps Coach & DevOps Leader
  • DASA DevOps – Principles
  • Case Study

Module 2: DevOps Coaching for Performance & Change 

  • Activity – Beer Distribution Game and Bullwhip Effect
  • The essence of DevOps Coaching
  • DevOps Coaching – Key Dimensions
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • DevOps – Representative Value, Behaviors and Delivery Metrics
  • Continuous Delivery Maturity Levels
  • Performance Analysis Quadrant
  • The journey from Challenge to Impact
  • Organizational Journey of Change
  • Activity – Baselining Your Metrics & Team Engagement

Module 3: Being a DevOps Coach 

  • Competency Framework
  • Coaching Framework
  • Core Skills for a DevOps Coach – Contracting, Presence, Listening & Questioning
  • Activities – Contracting, Experience Listening, Questioning 
  • Stakeholder Management 
  • Communication
  • Influencing 
  • Mode of Operation of a DevOps Coach – Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation, Consulting
  • The Switch – Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation & Consulting
  • Feedback

Module 4: Team Coaching

  • DevOps – Organization and Teams
  • DevOps – Team Development
  • Role of a DevOps Coach in building DevOps Organization
  • Gemba Walk
  • DevOps – Team Coaching
  • DevOps – Team Coaching in Action

Module 5: DevOps Coach Transformation Journey 

  • Activity – Preparing & Planning for DevOps Transformation
  • Developing the Business Case and Map Costs to Value
  • Models DevOps Assessments
  • DevOps Transformation & Roadmap
  • Implement DevOps Gap findings – Culture, Organization, Process, and Automation
  • Focus on Continuous Improvement
  • Sustain the transformed State 
  • Bringing it together – applying Learnings to a Case Study

Course audience

The DASA DevOps Coach certification adds value to individuals involved in IT development, operations, or service management. It may be particularly beneficial to DevOps professionals with a history of helping organizations transition to DevOps – preferably guided by the DASA DevOps competency model.

The DASA DevOps Coach certification target audience includes but is not limited to:

  • Lean, Agile and Business Coaches
  • Business Analysts
  • Business and IT Managers
  • DevOps Team Members
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Executives
  • Information Managers
  • Project Managers

What will you learn

When you have acquired the required knowledge from this DevOps certification program, you will be able to:

  • Recollect the knowledge of DevOps and connect the role of a DevOps Coach to the DASA DevOps Principles.
  • Comprehend the mindset and role of a DevOps Coach.
  • Understand the characteristics, structures, and life-cycles of DevOps teams and how to Coach them to high-performance.
  • Use the GROW model as an effective tool during the entire coaching process.
  • Discover and learn the art of “Feedback” and creating a feedback culture using various “Feedback” models.
  • Understand DevOps transformation mastery.
  • Distinguish the responsibilities of “DevOps Coach” and “DevOps Leader”.
  • Understand that DASA DevOps Coaching is for continuous “Performance” and “Change” – and understand underlying the metrics.
  • Apply skills, techniques, and mindset shifts and deep dive into inner and outer competencies focusing both on what you do, and how you are being.
  • Understand and utilize coaching skills and knowledge to create high performing teams that are resilient, innovative, resourceful, and ready for their continuous improvements.
  • Understand the 4 different key modes: Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation & Consulting. Learn when, why, and how to apply the right mode.
  • Apply learnings to build a business case and plan for the DevOps Transformation journey.
  • Interpret the DevOps organizational goals and establish the critical role high performing teams have in this.

Course Schedule

Virtual Session 1 17 July 2023 1 pm – 7 pm (CEST)
Virtual Session 2 24 July 2023 1 pm – 7 pm (CEST)
Virtual Session 3 31 July 2023 1 pm – 7 pm (CEST)
Virtual Session 4 7 August 2023 1 pm – 7 pm (CEST)

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Certification Assessment Details

Course certificate & duration

Certificate: DASA DevOps Coach + TTT™

Duration in hours: 24 Hours

Accreditation: DASA

Exam details

Delivery: Online

Format: Closed book

Proctoring: Web proctored

Duration: 90 Minutes (Additional 15 minutes for non-native English speaker)

No. of Questions: 10 multiple choice

Pass Grade: 65%

Scheduling your exam

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) will book the certification exam for you.

Accessing your certificate

All certificates and badges are issued through Accredible. You will receive an email with your download link in the days following your exam.

Course Instructor

Irfan Shariff
Irfan Shariff

Irfan Shariff has extensive experience in managing strategic technology-based business initiatives in a variety of industries – Hi-tech, Financial, Retail. He has deep expertise and an abiding passion for helping organizations use the right mix…