The Essential Role of the DevOps Coach_ Overcoming the Cultural Dilemma

Organizations compose the right plan, the right approach, the right set of tools, the right people. Yet they see over 80% of their transformations failing.

Organizations such as Adidas, Kairos, Wipro, TCS, Philips, and PWC learned that it wasn’t the plan, approach, tools, or people that were failing, it was the culture.

A successful DevOps adoption requires a deep cultural and organizational change. That meant changing behavior, A LOT. It often meant throwing out decades of embedded explicit and implicit practices, a task often reserved for the DevOps Coach.

The DevOps Coach inspires teams and individuals with thought-provoking and creative processes.

Watch this webinar recording, we discussed:

- Role, scope and purpose of the DASA DevOps Coach
- What are we working on / expecting to achieve
- Why organizations and consulting organizations are investing in this role
- How does DASA DevOps Coach help accelerate your career
- How does it help us to implement/improve teams/transformation
- How to become a member of the global DASA DevOps Coach network

Culture change might be hard, but it’s not something that cannot be handled. The DevOps Coach has become critical in driving DevOps success and organizational performance. Do you have what it takes to be a successful DevOps Coach?

Watch the Webinar Recording