Why Are People So Passionate about DevOps and DASA?

We gathered together the experts who live and breath IT operations and asked them to share the reasons behind their own personal enthusiasm for DevOps and the DASA framework, competencies, and courses.

Freek van Makkelenberg

Senior Manager / Director in Telco and IT, KPN

Senior manager / business director with vast experience in operational and commercial environments. Productmanagement, change management, in-sourcing, outsourcing, offshoring, IT projects, cost savings, security, quality-…

Gwendolyn Brink

Gwendolyn’s expertise lies in the areas of Lean, Agile and Six Sigma. She enables enterprises and their teams to transform into a high-performance organizations.

Niels Loader

Member of the DASA Content Development Team, Partner & Principal Consultant, Quint Wellington Redwood

Niels Loader is a Principal Consultant with Quint, and one of the leading experts on Lean IT. He is the Content Board Lead with the…

Rik Farenhorst

Directeur Digital, Ordina

There are few professionals who can claim a richer experience leading and growing high-performance teams for highly-renowned organizations than Rik. Via his company Rethink Digital,…