Meet the Author – Nadine Fruin

Information and communication technology (ICT) service providers, suppliers, and customers all try to make sense and make the most money out of technology developments and constant innovation with the help of frameworks, methodologies, best-practice approaches, and models. They continuously improve, align, integrate, and optimize, but unfortunately do not apply the same drive to safeguarding quality.

In this interview she will share a path of critical thinking, reflecting, and contemplating while offering alternative ways for service providers, customers, and suppliers to interact with each other. In addition, it encourages them to conduct their business in such a way that customers, service providers, and suppliers achieve satisfaction.

Deborah Burton

Managing Director, DASA

Deborah Burton is the CEO of Instruqt, where she works with her team to help organizations transition to a new innovative way to train and…

Nadine Fruin

CEO, Consultant and trainer, Fruin Consultancy & Training

Nadine works as an independent, international consultant, trainer, and coach with special attention to transition and organizational change projects, holding a Master’s degree in Organizational…