DevOps Voices – DevOps Coaching During the Rise of Remote Work

With the unprecedented rise in the number of people working remotely, nothing short of revolutionary is taking place in the way we work. Some changes are positive and others not so much – it’s not all entirely clear yet. This sparked productivity and tactical concerns from business leaders. Indeed, there might have never been a time where openness to new practices and adaptability have been in such high demand. For new mindsets and behaviors to be implemented, a great shift towards a higher focus on the role of culture needs to be made. That’s why it has become crucial for DevOps Coaches to find creative solutions to continue being catalysts for change.

In this episode of DevOps Voices, Dimitri de Ruiter discusses what sort of strategies DevOps Coaches are finding to surpass the challenges brought up by the rise of remote work. Importantly, Dimitri also discusses what makes DevOps Coaches so important to organizations applying DevOps. Unmissable.

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Dimitri de Ruiter

Agile & DevOps Coach and Partner., Ideas at work B.V

Dimitri is a Certified DevOps Coach and Scrum Master. He focuses on Agile and Digital Transformations as enablers for an organisation in an increasingly competitive…

Dimitri van den Broek

Dimitri van den Broek is a Founding Member of DASA and works closely with the global DASA community to drive and expand DASA’s solutions for…