White Paper: Embracing Digital Disruption by Adopting DevOps Practices

Rik Farenhorst and Niels Loader

Transition to DevOps goes hand in hand with the redesign of IT roles and responsibilities. Certain skills and knowledge need to be present in every DevOps team. Answer your clients’ demand for DevOps skills.

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  • How to combine key DevOps ingredients to rethink and reset IT at your customers.
  • The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) DevOps principles.
  • DASA competence framework.

Niels Loader

Member of the DASA Content Development Team, Partner & Principal Consultant, Quint Wellington Redwood

Niels Loader is a Principal Consultant with Quint, and one of the leading experts on Lean IT. He is the Content Board Lead with the…

Rik Farenhorst

Director Business Transformation, Ordina

There are few professionals who can claim a richer experience leading and growing high-performance teams for highly-renowned organizations than Rik. Via his company Rethink Digital,…