White Paper: DevOps, a Maturing Discipline

Rik Farenhorst
White Paper:  DevOps, a Maturing Discipline

The DevOps discipline has matured significantly over the past decade. Like a virus, it mutated several times to match better with the key challenges it faced in the organizations it was destined to help improve.

In this whitepaper, we discuss exactly how this maturity develops. We also highlight some key themes central in the coming years to help create as many high-performance digital organizations as possible. Throughout this paper, we build on the storyline that has emerged over the past five years in the ‘DASA Whitepaper Series’.

Download the white paper and find out what distinguishes the three distinct DevOps ‘schools of thought’ shaping the course of the discipline and explore what the future may bring.

Rik Farenhorst

Founder of Rethink Digital, Chairman of DASA Enterprise Leadership Forum

There are few professionals who can claim a richer experience leading and growing high-performance teams for highly-renowned organizations than Rik. Via his company Rethink Digital,…

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