White Paper: Getting Ready for Success in the Digital Era

Johan Beijar, Kasem Chahrour and Dimitri van den Broek

Download the white paper and learn how to take the first step in the journey towards digital readiness with the support of “Your Guide to Digital Readiness” by Kasem Chahrour and Johan Beijar as well as the DASA Team Competence Model.

All organizations and individuals are increasingly pressed to adapt to the new changing world of business and digitalization. How to undertake that path successfully, however, is far from self-evident. Complementing the Digital Readiness Model with the DASA Team Competence Model can help you understand how to proceed and become fit for success in the digital era. We’d like to show you how.

Dimitri van den Broek

Dimitri van den Broek is a Founding Member of DASA and works closely with the global DASA community to drive and expand DASA’s solutions for…

Johan Beijar

Center of Excellence Manager - Business Agility, HiQ

Johan Beijar has a long and comprehensive experience in delivering business value by utilizing IT and technology, often in an international environment. His broad experience…

Kasem Chahrour

Founder I Executive Digital Leader, Digital Vibrations AB

Kasem Chahrour is an experienced digital leader deeply engaged in topics around digital leadership and digital readiness for leaders, companies, and organizations. He has had…