Characteristics of High-Performance IT Organizations: Lessons From Industry Leaders

Bryan Banta, Steve Robertson, ph.d. and Gary Tamber
Unlock the secrets to building high-performance IT organizations with our comprehensive guidance paper. Learn from industry leaders and discover the essential characteristics and strategies for success in today’s dynamic business landscape. The guidance paper, combined with the DASA Talent Portfolio, empowers organizations to enhance their IT workforce capabilities, foster a culture of continuous learning, drive growth and innovation, and position themselves as high-performance IT leaders. Together, we are shaping a rapidly growing ecosystem and making a significant impact in the world of DevOps transformations. Download now and take your IT organization to new heights.

Bryan Banta

Transformational leader,

Leader Information Technology, Human Resources Technology, Strategy, and Transformation

Gary Tamber

Director DevSecOps, ADP

Gary Tamber is a seasoned technology leader with over two decades of experience in the IT industry, specializing in DevOps, DevSecOps, and cloud computing. As…

Steve Robertson, ph.d.

Leadership development expert, trainer, and coach, Blueroot Leadership Development

Steve Robertson, Ph.D., is a seasoned leadership development expert, trainer, and coach with more than a decade of experience. He specializes in customized leadership development programs…