Have you ever wondered what the connection between DevOps and Agile really is? Perhaps you'd like to know which DASA certification would help you advance your career the most? We bet there's plenty you've been willing to ask DASA but haven't had the chance to ask yet.

You now have the opportunity to directly address our panel of DASA Ambassadors and DASA Influencers. They are available to answer all of your questions in a personal video message, shared on our social media platforms. The panel is made up of passionate industry experts, and it is the perfect forum to help you get the answers you’re searching for.


Ask Questions

Q: I'm not sure exactly what the audience of DASA's DevOps certifications is. Is it only professionals from either a Dev or Ops background?
Q: Why do DevOps organizations need both Leaders and Coaches?

Q: Is it possible to change things into a DevOps culture before actually having team members with the required hard skills?

Q: Does it make any sense to become a DASA DevOps Coach even though I can only attend virtual classes?

Q: I've done the DASA Competence Quickscan and am quite happy with the results. How can I persuade my team to do the same?

Q: In practice, what does DevOps do to help organizations accomplish that non-DevOps organizations can't?

Q: I've seen many things online related to webinars and other events that Ambassadors participate in. Is that their main role?

Q: There is a huge amount of free resources on DevOps. What can I learn from DASA by becoming, say, DevOps Fundamentals-certified that is not available elsewhere?

Q: I'd like to apply to become either a DASA Ambassador or DASA Influencer but am not sure which would better fit my profile. Can you explain the difference between the two programs?

Q: I've heard that DASA is mostly an European-focused certification body and I work in the US. Is DASA DevOps focused on certain practices more common to Europeans?

Q:  I want to become more knowledgeable in DevOps to improve my CV. What sort of organizations would be interested in hiring me? Big or small? Old or recent?

Q: What sort of skills are desirable in a professional seeking to work in a DevOps way?

Q: Can I enroll in a DASA Leadership program such as Coach without being Fundamentals-certified? Is it advisable?

Q: Does a team see any benefit from having a single DevOps professional or we can only see improvements if the whole team is working in a DevOps way?

Q: What is the connection between DevOps and Agile?

Q: Is DevOps useful for someone with no intentions to ever work in an IT environment?

Q: What would you say truly distinguishes DASA from its competitors?

Q: Have you witnessed many changes in terms of the competencies needed to fulfill a DevOps role in the past five years?

Q: Is DevOps only useful for people who want to get jobs with DevOps in their title?

Q: ¿DevOps solo es útil para las personas que desean obtener trabajos en un rol de DevOps?

Q: I'm new to DevOps. What do you suggest me doing before committing to a DevOps Fundamentals course?

Q: Soy nuevo en DevOps. ¿Qué me sugieren que haga antes de embarcarme en un curso de DevOps Fundamentals?

Q: Can DevOps teams successfully work from home?

Q: ¿Pueden los equipos DevOps trabajar desde casa de manera exitosa?

Q: I am new to DevOps, which certification is best for me?

Q: Soy nuevo en DevOps, ¿cuál certificación es mejor para mí?

Q: How small or big should a DevOps team be?

Q: ¿Qué tan pequeño o grande debería ser un equipo DevOps?

Q: What are the key metrics I should consider when assessing the impact of DevOps in my organization?

Q: I see DASA often talking about the "cultural aspect of DevOps". What exactly you recommend changing and why is this so important?

Q: Can DevOps and ITIL co-exist?

Q: Can DevOps and ITIL co-exist?