Luis J. Gómez Vázquez

Head of DevOps Kairós Digital Solutions S.L.

I am a pure IT man. One of those who enjoy the challenge. I live out of the box.
Maybe the sentence better defines me is : Keep learning buddy.

My IT background comes from the Aeronautical & Defence industries. It was for more than 20 years and in different countries of the world. Mainly in USA, Africa and Spain.
Resilence & Concurrency are part of my DNA.

In 2012 I’ve started my freelance adventure with one objective: make my box as bigger as I can

Nowadays I’m focused on Sec-DevOps culture. I looking for projects related with
– Collaborative Economy.
– Cryptocurrency (the culture which will change the world)
– Autonomous mobility.

I’m sure I`ve made 1001 errors in my career but I have a very valuable lesson learnt from each one.
I believe this is the real way of innovation. Failure is when you don’t feel the impulse to try again but in a different way.

I’m a good team leader and also feel comfortable as part of something bigger than me. I love to identify and strengthen the talent of each team member.