Luca Ingianni

DevOps Consultant, Trainer, Coach

How many of these issues are you seeing:
➜ your projects take too long
➜ your team struggles to work together effectively
➜ your products are hobbled by software problems
➜ you can see your competitors gaining ground
➜ you want to try Agile, but don’t know how to apply it to your business
➜ you have trouble innovating, coming up with the next great thing

You work at a great engineering company. Yet somehow it has become hard to stay innovative, to turn out the great products your customers expect from you.

But why? You have a team of excellent engineers. A compelling product. You’ve been a trusted vendor for a long time. It shouldn’t be so hard — but somehow it is.

You’ve slowly turned from a machine manufacturer to a software company … but your organisation hasn’t quite followed that change yet.

What if you could re-shape the way you work, and
✔ deliver great products
✔ be on time
✔ be on budget
✔ and not have to sacrifice quality for speed

Harnessing more than a decade of experience in industry, I can help you to shape your team, their approach, and the tools they use:

☘ make the entire team understand exactly what it is you need to build: by creating avenues for clear communication
☘ make sure you stay on track: by designing feedback systems giving you visibility into the state and direction of your efforts
☘ take the routine tasks out of your engineers’ hands and allow them to concentrate on their specialities: by setting up ruthless automation
☘ grow your team’s culture to make the most of these powerful new tools: by actively working with change, learning and adapting quickly

Product creation has sped up considerably. This means you can’t afford to build something your customers don’t want, to notice too late that what you made isn’t working. The only chance you have is to speed up along (and, hopefully, ahead of) the competition.