Daniël van der Starre

Agile Transformation Coach & ASPIRE LACE Team Member Roche
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Daniel is an enthusiastic, curious and passionate professional with over 20 years of experience in innovation, creating business value and healthy environments.

With his drive, professional way of working and very broad interests, he is able to motivate, challenge and coach individuals, teams, management and organizations to grow beyond their own imagination. Creating and shaping the environment to deliver tremendous value much faster, with higher quality, delegated responsibility and most important of all, having fun in the process.

Because of his pleasant communication style and his genuine interest in others, working with him is a constructive and awesome experience. His positive “get things done”, pragmatic and extremely approachable attitude radiates reliability.

he has a broad interest in discovering new techniques and methods which are very helpful for him, but even more for the people he works with.