Daniel Kuzba

Head of Technology Digital Ocean Ventures

I love to work with people and learn to improve myself and how I work by seeking to understand and then to be understood, experimenting, and sharing my knowledge.

I believe that to have results one needs to nourish a culture of partnership and collaboration. Business needs to be sure that the IT Team is a committed partner, a catalyst for collaboration, and visibility for the company and its Customers. It should be the wind in the sails and never an anchor holding the Organization and its Customers back.

I am a servant leader. I have worked internationally in multiple roles and market verticals. I have worked as a practitioner, manager, and expert. I am focusing on transformation, people management, technology, service management, information security, and business development.

I am self-motivated and dedicated to learning and personal development. I have graduated in Applied Information Technology, Sociology and Finances, and Accounting. I have built solid relationships with people based on trust, which is the right mixture of commitment, capabilities, and consistency. I have the network and the track record to prove that.

For over 15 years of my professional career, I’ve been focused on co-creating value with Customers by collaboration, developing people and processes, and building successful IT Teams and organizations in partnership with businesses and Customers. I had opportunities to drive and be part of the organization’s transformation in various roles and market verticals like Shared Services, Venture Building in fintech and e-commerce startups, Robotic Process Automation, systems integration, and construction businesses.

I am a proud husband and father, always striving to keep harmony in life and work ebb and flow.

I enjoy learning by working with smart people, digesting diverse knowledge sources, and sharing my perspective to be a wiser, better person.