Cor Slagmolen

Scrum Master / Agile Coach CZ

Experienced coach in many areas. Both in the field of Agile coaching, Management coaching and individual coaching. I am aware of almost all Agile frameworks and can advise you on how to use them. Besides being a certified Dasa DevOps Coach, I was trained as a Psycho-social counselor, Mindfulness and NLP trainer.

Started in IT as a system programmer in the 80’s and worked for many years as a project leader in both IT and business related projects. The last 10 years a lot of focus on organizational changes towards self-managing / self-organizing autonomous teams. Although I am mainly concerned with the human side of the transformation, I have a lot of affinity with technology. Cloud solutions, automatic provisioning and setting up CI / CD pipelines are certainly not unknown to me. I am someone who looks at the underlying dynamics and the undercurrent of behavior at the level of Organization, Culture, processes and Automation. Try to see through and break through the so-called glass ceiling that many organizations are currently facing when implementing DevOps.