Anis Ben Hamidene

Head of Practice Area Novatec Consulting GmbH
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Empowering teams to achieve their quality goals in a targeted and efficient manner and to develop successful products is what we have made our mission. As head of the Practice Area “Quality Engineering & DevOps” in Novatec Consulting GmbH, I support my team in identifying the appropriate methods, practices and tools to fulfill this mission. From product ideation to development and performance measurement.

In doing so, I draw on an over 20-year journey in the IT world, having held various roles and responsibilities : whether as a developer, architect, quality engineer or product owner.

I also like to share my experience as a coach or trainer with our customers both in agile but also DevOps projects.

In addition to the constantly changing field of new technologies and methods, it is these little “aha” moments in the discourse with the training participants that make a training a new experience every time.