Aland Acuna

CEO Acuna Consulting Inc

Aland Acuna is a Lean-Agile Enterprise Coach, Trainer and Speaker. His passion is creating fun, engaging and memorable learning experiences that spark creativity and innovation in the learners. Aland has found that the way we learn is directly reflected on how we are taught, and this is why he has always loved using various brain science-based principles and accelerated learning techniques to enhance his training with executive, management and development teams. Aland is a TBR Trainer, ICAgile authorized trainer and Scaled Agile Consultant, SPC 4. As an expert facilitator, he has helped create and implement Agile transformation strategies for numerous programs and teams. Aland has also led training in Design Thinking, Team Dynamics, DevOps implementation, Test Driven Development Strategies and Agile Leadership workshops.

Aland is also the CEO of Acuna Consulting Inc, an Agile solutions company that focuses on coaching, consulting and training in the areas of Enterprise Agile Transformation, Leadership and Cultural Development, Test Automation and DevOps.