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While organizations continue to invest in the cloud, they are not yet experiencing the promised benefits from these investments. Focusing on technology alone will not deliver success, innovation, or value – it will only deliver new technologies and infrastructure, but not necessarily business outcomes.

CIOs and CFOs are now tasked with coming up with and executing a strategy to realize the financial and non-financial benefits of the move to the cloud. 

In this event, we discussed the types of investments you have to make to maximize the return on your cloud investment. 

  • Investment in architecture: Adopting a lift and shift approach to your application will mean you now have a data center in the cloud; you are not getting the benefits of the cloud. To get the benefits of the cloud, you will need to architect or re-architect your application for the cloud. 
  • Investment in DevOps way of working: To increase the time to deliver new features to customers and build autonomous teams with end-to-end responsibility for the feature or product, you will have to invest in the DevOps way of working. 
  • Investment in leadership and cultural transformation: To optimize costs, to increase time to market, and to increase the speed of innovation, there has to be leadership and cultural transformation from a data center mindset to a cloud mindset. 


Optimizing Your Cloud Strategy summary

Optimizing Your Cloud Strategy: The Cultural Dimension Summary

Most organizations have attempted to migrate to the cloud and continue with their migrations. However, in a rush to migrate, many overlook the opportunities for learning and improvement.

Download the 'Optimizing Your Cloud Strategy: The Cultural Dimension Executive Summary' and find out the opportunities and changes.

Arvind Rathore

"I found the DASA Enterprise Leadership Forum a great platform for  people to discuss the latest and greatest trends, challenges and transformation stories  in the world of Agile and Devops ways of working.  The discussions were rich, diverse and insightful. Highly recommend people to tune in and learn."

Arvind Rathore, DASA Influencer, Senior Vice President Digital Engineering, Virtusa

Marian Draganov

"I had the pleasure of meeting organizational leaders from across the globe who are successful practitioners of Lean, Agile, and DevOps principles. We managed to exchange hands-on insights about how to overcome resistance when adopting DevOps, backed by sound theory and further educational recommendations. It was a pleasure to receive personalized advice on my case in the Q&A session. Highly recommendable."

Marian Draganov, Solution Consultant, SilverStorm

René Visser

"I took part in the Enterprise Leadership Forum of DASA, a round table event with peers and Agile DevOps enthusiasts from across the globe. We exchanged clear and practical learnings, best practices and examples; the facilitators opened the conversation, but soon we ended up in a lively exchange between all the people present. Very insightful in a relaxed atmosphere. This hour and a half was a worthwhile investment."

René Visser, Head of Global Workplace Services, Allianz Technology

Roundtable Participants:


Gaston Lopez


Global head of platform engineering, Scotiabank

Gaston Lopez is the Global Head of Platform Engineering for Scotiabank (XTSE: BNS), with over 25 years of experience with Infrastructure and Platform Engineering from…

Irfan Shariff


DASA Research Director, Expert Program - Project Manager, Management trainer & Agile/DevOps coach, RTI Consulting Services

Irfan Shariff has extensive experience in managing strategic technology-based business initiatives in a variety of industries – Hi-tech, Financial, Retail. He has deep expertise and…

Juan Ignacio Codoñer


Director Cloud and System Engineering, Deloitte

Samuel Byrne


Global Director, Partner success, VM Ware