SERVIEW – DASA Forerunner Becomes first DASA Courseware Partner in Germany

The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) and SERVIEW an independent management consultancy firm specializing in the optimization of service organizations based on globally recognized best management practices announce that SERVIEW has become the first official DASA Courseware Partner in Germany.

DevOps is Disrupting Traditional IT and Driving Change

Historically, there have been waves of innovation that have transformed the Information Technology Industry. Typically, the waves came in the form of IT Infrastructure, mainframe to distributed to virtual to public cloud, Agile software development from the monolithic and traditional application architectures to distributed microservices-based models that allow value-add business logic to be quickly added or changed by agile cross-functional teams. The role of IT Best Practices is seeing emerging best practices like Lean, Agile, and Scrum deliver value. All of those above have provided a healthy combination for organizations to rethink and reset their traditional IT structures and capabilities. Although, the contributions of Information Technology has been great. As important is the investment that Enterprise organizations make in terms investing in their IT professionals. Talent management is so crucial to the success of Enterprise’s wanting to transform themselves, which is why DASA is so relevant today. DASA is focused like a laser to ensure that traditional IT Enterprise teams have the right knowledge and skills needed to drive innovation and transformation.

High-Performance IT Teams Deliver Real Business Value

DASA established because we saw the need for new skills for Enterprise IT organizations who were looking for ways to get their teams up to speed quickly to take advantage of the benefits offered by the web innovators like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Netflix to name a few. Our mission is to provide organizations a comprehensive competence model and accreditation scheme to adequately ensure their teams can obtain the DevOps Agile skills and knowledge they require to meet the demands of their business and clients.

DASA is pleased to that SERVIEW has chosen to become a Forerunner and DASA Courseware Partner. Their impeccable reputation as a consultancy and training services provider makes them an excellent partner for DASA. Their reputation, passion, and commitment to quality is known in the markets they serve.

Deborah Burton, Managing Director, DASA

Why DASA – Why Now?

DASA’s open source, a community-driven movement is resonating among IT professionals and Enterprise IT departments worldwide.They understand that advances in Technology and the innovation of the DevOps movement is challenging the traditional way IT delivers value to their business and clients. In today’s fast-paced, mobile-driven world the IT of yesterday needs to transform themselves into high-performance IT teams, combining Development and Operations professional in one able multi-talented team.

Ensuring that the individuals on these teams have the skills and knowledge needed is crucial to success. The DASA’s Competence Model and Qualification scheme provide the right level of expertise and knowledge organizations require to be successful. One of the most compelling reason that SERVIEW chooses to become a DASA Courseware Partner is we want to be in a position to offer our clients the opportunity to obtain the new skillsets that are driving IT Transformational Change.

Markus Bause CEO, SERVIEW


SERVIEW provides consulting and training services for people and organizations to help them build tailored competencies. Our position as a market leader, expertise, and the pursuit of genuine partnerships is valued very highly by our national and international clients. Professionalism, integrity, the human element, and passion form the basis of our daily business. These values enable us to support our customers in overcoming their challenges and strengthening their competitiveness.

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