New in Talent Academy for May: Learning Journeys and New Exam Booking Flow

Learning Journeys

With this update, DASA customers can now access and modify the Learning Journeys published in their account. The new customization options provide the following capabilities:

  • View a comprehensive table of all Learning Journeys.
  • Filter the Learning Journeys by Job Role tags for easy navigation.
  • Edit the metadata, thumbnail, and title, making it more relevant to learners.
  • Assign a Learning Journey to individual learners or teams.
  • Remove learners from a Learning Journey when necessary.

These features ensure that assigned learners receive a tailored learning experience, boosting engagement and knowledge retention.

Exploring the Learner-Centric Advantages of Learning Journeys

The power of personalization is unlocked with the revamped Learning Journeys, designed to prioritize the learners’ experience. Courses are now bundled into an intuitive carousel format, making it easy for learners to track their progress throughout their journey.

An engaging and effective educational environment is created by tailoring Learning Journeys to meet individual needs, keeping learners motivated and eager to advance.

New DASA Exam Booking Flow: A Seamless Learning Experience

This exciting update offers a seamless, flexible, and efficient way to book and take exams directly through the DASA Talent Academy learner account.

Flexibility and Convenience

Learners can schedule exams at their convenience, making balancing their development with other commitments easier. This streamlined approach eliminates the need to navigate multiple platforms, allowing learners to focus on what truly matters—learning and growth.

Key Changes and Benefits

  • DASA exams are available in two formats: Webcam-proctored and online classroom.
  • Discontinuation of paper-based exams, in line with DASA’s digital-first strategy.
  • All DASA-hosted certification exams include one complimentary retake.

These changes translate into a better learner experience, higher exam success rates, and greater accessibility.

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