New in Talent Academy for July: Seamless and Interactive Experience with Learning Journeys & Exam Integration

Seamlessly Linking Exams with Learning Journeys

The search for the corresponding exam after completing a Learning Journey is now a thing of the past. This new feature links the associated exam directly with the Learning Journey. Upon successful completion, a learner can unlock a badge to recognize their achievement. If a learner already has a license for the exam, they can proceed immediately. Otherwise, they can easily purchase one in their preferred language variant right from the Learning Journey detail view.

Enhancing Productivity with Completion Prompts

To help learners complete their learning interventions on time, prompts are there to remind them to finish an incomplete intervention before moving on to the next one. Learners can choose to snooze this alert for the rest of their (browser) session.

Enriching Learning with Content Link Enhancements

We’ve enhanced our content link feature to automatically render a preview of the external link, providing a snapshot of the content without leaving their course. If the link is a YouTube video, a learner can watch it directly within the in-class view, reducing distractions and keeping focus.

We believe these updates will significantly improve the efficiency and enjoyment of learning journeys. As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback.

Here’s to more empowered and successful learning journeys!

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