DevOps and Agile Skills Association (DASA) Announces Membership Program

The DevOps and Agile Skills Association (DASA), an open, global community for DevOps and Agile skills development, is proud to announce its new membership program.

DASA membership

DASA developed a flexible approach to membership to suit the size and requirements of each member organization. All options are designed to address challenges, attain agility and help members deliver business value faster.

DASA membership bridges the gap between expertise in DevOps transformations and those looking to adopt DevOps practices in their organizations, providing key stakeholders with the knowledge, guidance and involvement in an expert-driven ecosystem that will help shape their organization’s DevOps transformation.

Organizations need to be able to define and implement a successful DevOps strategy that enables them to respond quickly to increasing demand for new products and services, changing customer expectations and disruption from new technologies.

Making this shift to DevOps can be difficult, and many find themselves slowing down midway through the process. They struggle with the challenges of successfully implementing DevOps, such as culture change, lack of skills and knowledge and peer input. Without the proper guidance, it can be time-consuming and even near impossible to understand how to continue on and overcome these challenges effectively.

DASA membership offers access to exclusive resources that will help members successfully and efficiently navigate their way through their DevOps transformation journey.

DASA members can:

  • Discover the strategies and challenges in adoption of DevOps philosophy and approaches and how they can drive the most value.
  • Unlock the collective guidance created by the world’s most experienced professionals and experts on critical issues around successful DevOps adoption and creating people readiness.
  • Attract the right DevOps talent. Members gain access to the tools and recognitions they need to boost their employer branding.
  • Build a knowledge sharing culture with a focus on learning health and continuous learning, leading to high-performing, empowered teams.
  • Upskill DevOps professionals in on-demand skills, competencies and job roles that will assist members in growing their business.

There are two types of DASA membership:

  • DASA Enterprise Membership – for organizations that wish to rethink traditional IT practices and capabilities
  • DASA Service Provider Membership – for organizations that provide services and wish to contribute to the DevOps community and showcase their expertise

“There is a sense of urgency for organizations to become high-performing digital organizations,” said Sukbhir Jasuja, a DASA board member. “There is an obvious need for practical and effective guidance and best practices that allow organizations to speed up delivery and enhance organizational capabilities and goodwill. DASA provides members a platform to leverage the collective intelligence, skills and competencies that will benefit all members in competing and winning in the digital age.”

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