DevOps Agile Skills Association Names Irfan Shariff As Research Director

Irfan ShariffDASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association), in pursuit of its mandate to help organizations compete and win in the current digital age, by providing actionable guidance in Agile & DevOps ways of working to deliver software at speed and scale, is naming Irfan Shariff as research director.

As DASAs research director, Shariff will work with a full complement of experts across the software delivery supply chain — vendors, service providers, organizations — to extract their expertise into practical and comprehensive advice that will assist organizations enhance their software delivery capabilities, effectively and rapidly.

Shariff brings both thought leadership in Agile, DevOps, and emerging ways of working as well as practical experience in helping individuals, teams, and organizations transition from existing ways of working to ways of working that are required to succeed in the current age of software and digital.

To quote Sukbhir Jasuja, Board member of DASA: “As organizations dash to become digital organizations they are buffeted by two long term trends: accelerating pace of technological change and a talent crunch. So, there is an urgent need for practical guidance that will enable organizations to speed up digital value delivery and build organizational capabilities at the same time. I am confident that the guidance Shariff, working in concert with experts, will provide, will be both immediately useful as well as contribute to the building of organizational capabilities.”

The DASA team welcomes Shariff.