DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Launches DevOps Enterprise Leadership Forum

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2018 – Why is DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Launching a DevOps Enterprise Leadership Forum?

Every day we come in contact with individuals, organizations that want to engage and contribute to the adoption of agile, DevOps ways of working. Our ambition is to provide a community-driven platform for them as well as our global members who are also invested in helping their companies and clients succeed. They are passionate about sharing their experiences and learnings from others about their real-world IT Transformational journeys. If you think about the state of DevOps development, we are still in the early adopter phase companies adopting/implementing digital business models, In the 2018 Accelerate State of the DevOps Report presented by the DevOps Research & Assessment (DORA) they shared that since they began their study that participants who work in a DevOps team have increased reporting 16% in 2014, 19% in 2015, and 22% in 2016, and holding steady at 27% in 2017 and 2018. They also provided firmographics that indicated the two fastest growing industries are the Technology sector with 40% followed by the Financial Services industry at 15%, all other industries surveyed are in single digits.

I have worked with Rik since the inception of DASA and along with our entire community, we are thrilled he will take the lead in building a strong platform and program to promote DevOps awareness.
Deborah Burton Managing Director DASA

These numbers reflect the interest in DevOps, while at the same time validating that there is still a long way to go. The majority of industries and enterprises are still in the early stages and are very keen to understand more from those that have started their digital transformations they are eager to hear the right way and the wrong way. IT has always been a disrupting force, but today traditional IT enterprises find themselves facing the reality that they must embrace new IT performance metrics that deliver a better, faster, more reliable business product or service. As an open, members-driven organization it’s in DASA’s DNA to want to help IT professionals and teams and enterprise organizations become high-performers. We believe in fostering and sharing knowledge and awareness from our global members as well as from other like-minded Thought Leaders, Practitioners, Consultants, and Industry leaders. We feel it’s important to be a leader in helping to drive adoption and awareness in the market. Which is why we are so excited to announce today our new Enterprise Leadership Forum says, Deborah Burton Managing Director of DASA.

rik-farenhorst We are extremely proud to announce that Rik Farenhorst, CIO of Transavia Airlines has accepted the position of Chair of our Enterprise Leadership Forum. Rik is a DevOps Thought Leader and was a key contributor to the development of the DASA Team Competence Model and Certification Scheme. He has a Ph.D. in software engineering and more than 10 years of experience in the business-IT domain. Rik has been the CIO of Transavia Airline since January 2018. He is responsible for leading the digital transformation agenda at Transavia and heads the IT Department. Transavia is one of the strongest brands in the airline industry and renowned for its mission “making low cost feel good”. Previously Rik was a business unit manager of the IT architects business unit at Xebia, the services part of Xebia Group. Xebia is an international IT consultancy organization where craftsmanship, knowledge sharing, and innovation are key success factors. Guiding customers in their digital transformations and DevOps are central themes in Xebia’s propositions. In that role, Rik and his team played a critical role in the development of the DASA Team Competence Model and Certification program. His contributions to the editorial board of DASA and were important to the development of the DevOps Fundamentals courseware and Practitioner courseware( now known as Enable and Scale) that DASA launched in 2017. He also helped define the core foundations of DASA, including the set of DevOps principles DASA lives by, and the competence model that is the basis for professionalizing DevOps knowledge and skills. I have worked with Rik since the inception of DASA and along with our entire community, we are thrilled he will take the lead in building a strong platform and program to promote DevOps awareness says Deborah Burton Managing Director of DASA.

During my whole career, I have been fascinated by helping companies to create more value out of IT. I have done this from hands-on, academic, consulting, training and leadership perspectives and I strive to combine lessons learned and experience from these various perspectives into a format that helps companies to create a high-performance culture. For me, this is what DevOps is all about. Since its birth, I see DASA as the perfect platform to connect professionals that want and need to develop core DevOps knowledge and skills crucial for staying relevant and helping companies to survive in this era of digital disruption. I am humbled to take up the role of DASA’s chair of the enterprise leadership forum. I look forward to contributing by inspiring many peers in the industry, sharing experiences, bring modern leaders and organizations together, and learn from each other’s best practices. says Rik Farenhorst, CIO Transavia Airlines.

About DASA

We launched DASA in April of 2016, with (29) Forerunner member organizations that represented leading training, consulting, tooling, software, and corporates there was no body of knowledge or guidance that was available to help Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) people learn how to work effectively as members of one team who were responsible for a product or service from concept to grave. To address this we built our DASA Team Competence Model that identifies the (4) skill areas and (8) knowledge areas IT professionals require to learn how to work effectively as a DevOps Team. Our competence model has resonated globally and today DASA has grown into a worldwide movement of over 300+Training Partners, 100+ Forerunners, and DASA Ambassadors represented on (4) continents.

We strive to always think global but act local and that is why our popular DASA Fundamentals Syllabus, Glossary, and Mock Exams are now available in English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Finnish, Japanese and Polish, with more languages coming shortly.