DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Continues Pushing Boundaries with New Influencer Program

Innovative program designed to spark debate on knowledge and skills development for DevOps, challenge myths and connect savvy professionals with DASA’s thought-leaders

The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), an open, global member-driven organization for DevOps and Agile skills development, announced today that it is launching the DASA Influencer Program. The innovative program is designed to generate more discussion and interest in the increasingly critical role of DevOps in software development. Influencers are dynamic, passionate professionals who are not afraid to express their opinions and act as a driving force in an active and vibrant DASA community.


“Our Influencers will inform the DASA community about new trends and provide thought leadership and best practices on DevOps Competence Development and developing high-performance DevOps teams,” said Dimitri van den Broek, Founding Member & Chief Evangelist DASA. “DASA was the first in the world to introduce a Global DevOps Ambassador program. This initiative was such a success that its repercussions were felt throughout the DevOps community worldwide. We are excited to add and launch this new platform to our global network of members, partners, and learners.”

The DASA Influencers will encourage members and others to be aware of new trends, sharpen their mental models, and give people the opportunity to exchange learnings with the brightest minds in the industry. Influencers will contribute with a diverse array of content creation, from webinars and white papers to thought-leadership blog articles. They will share information about DevOps and how it intersects with other IT Best Practice Frameworks like ITSM, Lean IT, Cloud Computing and others.

DASA will announce the first Influencers by the end of June. The organization expects to build out the program throughout 2020. As part of their participation in the Influencer Program, Influencers will help spread the word regarding how organizations are benefiting from the DASA’s Competence model, Maturity model, and Certification scheme. They are expected to share how IT Professionals and Teams obtain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully adopt DevOps in its true fashion. This collective of like-minded industry-leading peers fulfill an indispensable role in helping DASA push the envelope even further.

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