DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Appoints Martin Vitous as Ambassador for Czech Republic and Slovakia

IT enterprises across the globe are navigating their way to transition from traditional ways (Waterfall) of delivering IT products and services to a new (DevOps) way of working. There is a sense of urgency as they realize the massive change required for their IT organizations, professionals and teams to successfully navigate their way. The need for speed is evident as new competitors are emerging and threating their markets, pursuing their clients and aggressively challenging them in ways they are woefully equipped to respond. As we travel the globe evangelizing the importance of Development and Operations working together and why the need for speed is important in this age of Software. We recognize the value of having a global vision and a local presence.

Deborah-MartinMartin Vitous – DASA Ambassador & Deborah Burton DASA, MD

Martin is a consultant, trainer, lecturer, evangelist, project manager. He recently passed the DASA DevOps Coach certification. Making him one of the first certified DASA DevOps Coaches in the world.Deborah Burton, Managing Director DASA

In order to do that we look to our best and brightest partner organizations that are dedicated and passionate about investing in building awareness, providing thought leadership and practical guidance to in their markets and to their existing and prospective clients that are looking for ways to successfully navigate to a DevOps way of working. Today, we are proud to announce that Martin Vitous, Founder and CEO of as our newest DASA Ambassador. Martin is a consultant, trainer, lecturer, evangelist and project manager. He recently passed the DASA DevOps Coach certification. Making him one of the first certified DASA DevOps Coaches in the world.

As a DASA Ambassador Martin will join our strong team of Ambassadors in Central Europe where we have Ambassadors also on the ground in Germany, Poland, and the Netherlands. “Martin’s company and GOPAS have a rich history of market leadership and passion for helping IT professionals and teams gain the skills and knowledge they need to be successful,” says, Deborah Burton, Managing Director of DASA. ” I had the opportunity in last month to join Martin and the GOPAS team at their DevOps Days 2019 conference in Prague where I participated in a fantastic program attended by IT professionals that were keen to learn more about the changing IT landscape and ways that they can get ready for their own IT transformational journey’s” says Burton.

We are committed to raising awareness in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia with a mission to help drive high-performance IT. We see the demand and interest coming from a wide range of organizations and industries trying to navigate a 24×7 always-on digital world. “With Martin’s as DASA Ambassador, our goal is to create local language events and programs that will help drive awareness of DevOps and the DASA Team Competence Model and Certification scheme,” says Jan Dvořák, COO of GOPAS, a.s.

“As a DASA Ambassador, I have a chance to participate in further development related to the DASA Team Competence Model and influence the final form of the training material, exam specification, supplement material, direction etc. It could help to bring to our customers in our countries the newest information, researches, skills and share experience from the best people around the globe, “ says Martin Vitouš, DASA Ambassador & DASA DevOps Coach.