DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Appoints Frank Faber Global Ambassador Testing

The role of the Tester is evolving in this new fast-paced world of all things digital. Automation provides them the SUPERPOWERS they need to get the job done.

frank-faber-dasa-global-ambasDeborah Burton, MD DASA and Frank Faber DASA Ambassador

That’s why we are proud to announce the appointment of Frank Faber of ALTEN Netherlands, as our newest Global Ambassador. Today, we have Ambassadors on the ground in seven countries Australia, Finland, Germany, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, and Poland.

“At ALTEN, Netherlands, we are happy to be a DASA Forerunner member and to have our DevOps Consultant Frank Faber become the first DASA global Ambassador for Testing.” Edo van der Post, Technical Manager, Alten, Netherlands

“As DASA Forerunner member ALTEN is happy to have our DevOps Consultant Frank Faber become the first DASA global Ambassador for Testing. Frank has gained excellent experience working with several Agile, DevOps teams. He has successfully implemented test strategies, with a focus on input and automation. He understands the value of DevOps and the importance of Testers and other subject matter experts to evolve their skills and broaden their knowledge to work effectively in a DevOps team. We plan to work closely with DASA to help advance the awareness of DevOps both here in the Netherlands with local DevOps Meet Ups and events as well as support Frank in his role as global DASA Global Ambassador”, says Edo van der Post, Technical Manager, ALTEN.

Edo van der Post, Technical Manger Alten, with Deborah and Frank

The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is serious about the importance
of skills and knowledge development for IT professionals and teams looking to transition to the new IT way of working which is DevOps. It’s the reason, before we even launched DASA, in April of 2016. We built a competence model and certification scheme to help traditional IT departments get their teams ready to become high-performing IT.

That was three years ago. Today, we see more and more enterprises in the process of transitioning from traditional software development methodologies like Waterfall and Agile to DevOps. Unfortunately, many face new challenges they didn’t anticipate like organizational culture, skills gaps of their people, and an urgency to move faster. Provide services that are better and always available in this 7×24 always-on world. Each is running to meet the latest performance metrics required in delivering digital business models successfully.

A key focus area for DASA has been to think globally and act locally. Our global members-driven community allows us to be present in more than 49 countries across the globe. That’s why we launched our DASA Ambassador program in October of 2017. Four are also Global Ambassador’s traveling the world and evangelizing DevOps and DASA’s focus on skill and knowledge development.

“One of the things, that I feel grateful for every day is the caliber of companies we have the privilege of working with companies like ALTEN, as innovators and thought leaders they invest their time and resources to help build and grow awareness in the field of IT and share the importance of transitioning to a digital economy. When you speak with Frank or Edo, you quickly realize how passionate they are about helping their clients, colleagues, and others understand how pivotal it is to embrace new skills and ways of working to deliver value to their customers”. Says, Deborah Burton, Managing Director of DASA.