DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Appoints Darryl Sherborne as DASA Ambassador for the UK

Managing Director of Kaizenjoy brings extensive background in agile development to ambassador role

The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), an open, global community for DevOps and Agile skills development, has appointed Darryl Sherborne as DASA Ambassador for the UK. Darryl serves as Managing Director of Kaizenjoy, a business improvement consultancy that specializes in agile methodologies. In his role as Ambassador, Darryl will work to further DASA’s goal of developing high-performing DevOps teams in the UK.


“It is an honour and privilege to be able to support a global initiative such as DASA, one that is driven by its ever-growing member community,” said Darryl. “I was hooked on the strength of the DASA Team Competence Model as soon as I saw it back in 2017. Having been part of the team that has developed the DASA DevOps Coach training programme, I have seen the power of this community approach firsthand. At Kaizenjoy, we look forward to bringing this to the market in the UK and beyond with the extensive DASA Training Partner network.”

Kaizenjoy is a DASA Forerunner member. With the motto “Continuous Improvement – Delivered,” the firm is known for training and mentoring client teams on DevOps, scrum and agile delivery processes. Darryl has significant experience coaching and building Agile and DevOps teams for notable clients across many industry sectors.

Founded in 2016, DASA has become a fast-growing global DevOps movement that provides certification in DevOps competence development. The organization is backed by more than 300 partners and thousands of enterprises who are working with DASA to fuel their DevOps journeys. The DASA Ambassador Program is intended to increase awareness of the organization online as well as in local markets.

As a DASA Ambassador, Darryl will engage in influencing, contributing and disseminating DASA’s thought leadership. In addition, he will support the development of high-performance teams with DASA’s body of knowledge. “We are so pleased that Darryl has accepted this assignment,” said Dimitri van den Broek, Founding Member of DASA. “His commitment to agile and DevOps speaks for itself. We envision a very successful experience with him in advancing the DASA mission in the UK.”

About DASA

About the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) DASA is an independent and open, members driven association supporting the development of DevOps training and certification to the global market, advocating the advancement of High-Performance IT Professionals and Teams through agile DevOps initiatives.

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About Kaizenjoy

Kaizenjoy was established to quite simply bring the joy of Kaizen (Japanese for ‘Continuous Improvement’) to companies like yours. We have over 16 years of experience in the delivery of projects using Agile, Scrum and more recently DevOps approaches. At the heart of these beats an iterative delivery model that is driven by continuous improvement within the team.

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