DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) Welcomes German DASA Ambassadors

DASA is proud to announce its first DASA Ambassadors for Germany today at the German itSMF 17th Annual Conference in Koblenz, Germany.

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, USA, Dec 5, 2017 — DASA announced the launch of its new Ambassador Program at the end of October and since that time, Managing Director, Deborah Burton has been traveling extensively to build connections with DevOps and Agile Thought-leaders across the globe, from Europe, USA, Japan and now Germany. The DASA Ambassador Program has been designed to increase awareness for DASA both online and in local markets. DASA Ambassadors influence, create commitment, contribute and share DASA thought leadership. They actively contribute to advocating the development of high-performance teams through DevOps and Agile initiatives.

New DASA Ambassadors in Germany -- Markus Bause and Dierk Söllner. Today, Burton, who is attending and presenting at the itSMF 17th Annual Conference in Koblenz, Germany took the opportunity to announce the appointment of Dierk Söllner, a distinguished professional in IT Service Management, DASA Forerunner and DASA DevOps Training Partner along with Markus Bause, the visionary CEO of SERVIEW. SERVIEW is also a DASA Forerunner and DASA DevOps Training Partner as the first German inductees to the DASA Ambassador Program.

I am delighted to welcome both Dierk and Markus as our new DASA Ambassadors in Germany. Their commitment and passion have been instrumental in building awareness in the German market about the importance of skills and knowledge development required for IT professionals and teams to be successful as they embrace the new IT way of working that DevOps represents. Together, we will focus on creating local events that will allow for knowledge sharing and practical use cases on how DASA DevOps is empowering IT Transformational change.

Deborah Burton, DASA Managing Director

First DASA Ambassadors in Germany

Dierk Sollner Dierk Söllner is a well known consultant with more than 25 years of experience who works at the intersection of business and IT. He supports clients in Business-IT Transformation, IT Service Management and Business Process Management. His specialties are process optimization and implementation, IT applications and team building. Whether as a trainer or a coach: Dierk helps people, teams and organizations to adapt to modern forms of work, new roles or organizational changes.

Markus Bause Markus Bause has served as the Managing Director of SERVIEW GmbH since 2006. Since his time as a Senior Consultant there in 2004, he has been largely responsible for growth and success in the market. “Passion stands for innovation”, said Bause “and that makes us one of the best in the industry”. Bause has extensive experience in strategic IT consulting and advising corporate clients as a consultant, coach and trainer.

If you want to know more about the DASA Ambassador Program, you can read the announcement from October or the blog post and review the program details on our website.