DASA Launches DevOps Professional — Specify and Verify Certification

The DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA), an open, global member-driven organization for DevOps and Agile skills development, announced today that it is launching the DASA DevOps Professional — Specify and Verify™ certification. This critical certification program is the natural extension of traditional DevOps analysis, test and architecture courses. The curriculum empowers DevOps practitioners with advanced knowledge to determine how to deliver valuable within a product, both functionally and non-functionally, from the customer’s perspective.

The DASA DevOps Professional specify and Verify certification“The innovative program is designed to generate more discussion and interest in the increasingly critical role of DevOps in software development,” said Chairman of DASA, Sukhbir Jasuja. “The goal is to enable developers and other DevOps stakeholders to communicate better and ensure the delivery of the best outcome to future clients. We’re cultivating valuable and essential skills for highly trained DevOps professionals.”

The DASA DevOps Professional — Specify and Verify certification qualifies participants to take end-to-end responsibly for their products, “from concept to grave.” There is a focus on communicating with all involved players and tools to describe and visualize a product specific to the context of a DevOps environment. The course delves into the concept of the power of software, product needs and feedback loops. Jasuja added, “We are confident that DevOps professional will find this certification valuable for their career development. After all, DevOps has a lot to do with realizing business value from software. That is the essence of Specify and Verify.”