Carlos Chavez and Rigoberto Gonzalez Appointed LATAM Ambassadors for DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA)

Experts in designing and implementing DevOps strategies, as well as mentoring high-performing DevOps teams across Latin America, Carlos, and Rigoberto bring a veritable wealth of experiences to the DASA Ambassador program.

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) announced today that it has appointed Rigoberto Gonzalez, a Corporate Application Development and Service Delivery Management Expert at iGovernance Academy, and  Carlos Chavez, Regional Manager for DevOps & Agile at TSOFT Global, as new DASA Ambassadors for Latin America. DASA is an open, global community for DevOps and Agile skills development. In their role as Ambassadors, Rigoberto and Carlos will contribute to furthering DASA’s goal of developing high-performing DevOps teams in Latin America.

“It is a great honor to be able to contribute to DASA as part of the global network of DASA Ambassadors,” said Carlos. “I believe that defining a conscious transformation strategy is based on seeking to improve the skills and maturity of the teams, with the leadership aligned with the commercial results of the organization. I’m sure Rigoberto would agree it is a privilege to be able to support a global initiative like DASA, powered by its ever-growing community of members.” Rigoberto adds, “I’m very much looking forward to this excellent opportunity to work together with the DASA community and the many DevOps enthusiasts.”

Rigoberto and Carlos will be working side-by-side with Mexico-based DASA Ambassador Jorge Blanco to increase DASA’s awareness in Latin America. Despite their distinct backgrounds and approaches, they’re united by the DASA DevOps mindset. Rigoberto, who is based in Costa Rica, has 20+ years of proven track record in the service management domain. He is recognized for transforming and aligning regional and global teams to the enterprise business strategy.

Carlos Chavez, on the other hand, is the Regional Manager for DevOps/Agile at TSOFT Global and has extensive experience leading agile transformations and adoption initiatives. His focus has been on cultural and technological change for organizations such as Entel Peru and Belcorp. Carlos is trained as a coach in the Conscious Business Coaching CBC+ program of Fred Kofman, Advisor of Leadership Development at Google, ex-vice President of Executive Development on LinkedIn, and coach of C-Level executives of companies in Silicon Valley, such as Facebook and Yahoo.

As DASA Ambassadors, Rigoberto and Carlos will engage in influencing, contributing, and disseminating DASA’S thought leadership. “The DASA program has passed the test of time in adding value to professionals that follow DASA’s principles and competence model. My role as a DASA Ambassador is to be a facilitator, accountable for connecting all dots (key resources) with the right quality at the right time. I’ll be particularly attentive to new trends, emerging technologies, and industry challenges,” Rigoberto said.

“Both Carlos and Rigoberto have been part of our community for many years and are familiar with the DASA instruments that enable and accelerate Enterprise DevOps Transformations,” said Dimitri van den Broek, Founding Member & Managing Director of DASA. Carlos Chavez has been acquainted with the value of DASA’s thought leadership for a while. “I have been familiar with the strength of the DASA DevOps competency model since 2017, the year I became certified in DASA DevOps Fundamentals. I’m looking forward to contributing, assisting, and serving the DevOps and Agile transformations leaders around the world.” Founded in 2016, DASA has become a fast-growing, global DevOps movement that provides certification in DevOps competence development. The organization is backed by more than 300 partners and thousands of enterprises working with DASA to fuel their DevOps journeys. The DASA’s Global Ambassador Network is responsible for helping drive DASA adoption. Ambassadors are extraordinarily experienced with a strong knowledge and understanding of DASA’s competence model, principles, and often deliveries. Ambassadors are fundamental to maintaining and growing DASA’s online and local presence, and also provide a crucial contribution towards DASA’s mission.