Editorial Board and Working Groups

Development is about understanding the market, and building qualification programs that make sense. New ideas and development initiatives reach the editorial board through Partners and Members, and executed through working groups.

Everyone who is a Partner or Member has the right to join the editorial board. Members and Partners also can join working groups to develop programs, update existing programs, or develop thought leadership.

There is a working group in place for the DASA DevOps Fundamentals program, and that working group is constantly tuning and improving the quality of the syllabus, exams, and glossary. There is a similar group in place for the Practitioner and for the advanced level program

Some of the typical questions we receive related to content development

I have feedback about the syllabus – who do I share this with?

Feedback about the syllabi, glossary, exams are sent to info@devopsagileskills.org and from there will be forwarded to the editorial board for review.

Can I participate in a working group?

Yes, you can always join a working group and participate as a developer of content or as a reviewer.

How long will it take for a new Syllabus to be published after it has been updated?

We typically provide a 90 day cycle to Courseware Partners to update their courseware. This does not sound very agile, but courseware needs to always be in line with the syllabus, and DASA also wants to validate that courseware is top notch quality.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board comprises of DevOps and Agile superstars. This is an invitation only group of experts who provide unasked advice to DASA about their initiatives. DASA listens carefully to the advisory board, and appreciates their independent view.

In case you believe you know someone who should be part of the Advisory Board, please let us know.

Specification and Verification

White Paper: Role of Specification and Verification in a DevOps Environment