The DASA Ambassador Program is designed to increase awareness for the DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) both online and in local markets. DASA Ambassadors influence, create commitment, contribute and disseminate DASA thought leadership. They actively contribute to advocating the development of high performance teams through DevOps and Agile initiatives.

DASA Ambassador

Ambassadors need to adhere to a number of specific requirements

  • They are individuals recognized for their expertise and ambition to promote DASA in their local community.
  • They are associated with a DASA Forerunner organization in good standing.
  • They are appointed by the DASA Managing Director for 1-year terms.
  • They are DASA volunteers who commit to providing a minimum of 1 day of service each month.
  • They live up to and adhere to the DASA Code of Conduct and fulfill the DASA Ambassador responsibilities.

Typical Questions Related to Ambassadors

What are some things an Ambassador might do?
  • Create content and buzz to support DASA’s vision of an open and community-driven approach to building high performance teams through DevOps and Agile initiatives.
  • Participate in and contribute to local community events and gatherings and represent DASA on these occasions.
  • Present at DevOps and Agile seminars and events. At these events they discuss for example how the DASA thought leadership delivers faster and better solutions for organizations.
  • Contribute to working groups where Ambassadors come together and work on social media activities, planning and execution of local events, discussing speaking engagements and collaborating on presentations.
  • Answer community questions on social networks or via direct messaging.
  • Get involved early in new DASA Launches, and provide early feedback to marketing and launch initiatives to ensure that DASA programs resonate well in local markets.
What is the commitment required for being an Ambassador?
The commitment depends on the interest and ambition of the Ambassador. DASA requires a minimum commitment of 1-day per month in fulfilling this role. DASA further expects the Ambassador to engage in a monthly call with the DASA Ambassador program manager where the Ambassador shares and discusses his/her engagement plan.
Will DASA appoint multiple Ambassadors per country?
DASA will evaluate the number of Ambassadors per country on a case-by-case basis. The number of Ambassadors is influenced by the profile of the Ambassador, the working group they represent, the size and maturity of the country.
What are some benefits of becoming an Ambassador?
  • Gain the ability to develop local markets or contribute to DASAs online presence.
  • Build credibility by speaking at conferences on behalf of DASA.
  • Get recognized on the DASA website, as an official DASA Ambassador and gain use of the DASA Ambassador badge.
  • The opportunity for early access to DASA initiatives and the ability to influence these initiatives to ensure they meet the requirements of the local market.
  • The opportunity to collaborate with other Ambassadors, learn from each other and share experiences amongst peers.
Does DASA pay Ambassadors?
No, being an Ambassador is a volunteer role for a select group of individuals. DASA will pay for specific out-of-pocket expenses, but in essence this role is unpaid and completely voluntary.
Can anyone become an Ambassador?
In order for someone to become an Ambassador, they need to be employed by or associated with a DASA Forerunner organization. Ambassadors are appointed by the DASA Managing Director.
Specification and Verification

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