Do you or your organization want to join other leading IT thought leaders from industry, software, training and consulting organizations working cooperatively to build the most open, comprehensive platform available in the market for DevOps and Agile Skills Development? If so, you can become a DASA Forerunner or Training Partner or even build your own DASA Courseware and become a DASA Courseware Partner.

Want to learn how you can join our global movement?

DASA Forerunners

A Forerunner is someone or something that comes before another, a sign that something is going to Happen. Our Forerunner members ensure that DASA has a 360-degree view of what’s key to companies looking to adopt DevOps principles.

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DASA Training Partners

If you are an IT Training, or Consulting organization, or a member of an Enterprise IT team interested in training your internal teams. Why not become a DASA Training Partner the benefits are that you will be using an open source, universal qualification scheme.

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DASA Courseware Partners

Develop Courseware that conforms to the DASA Syllabus and Exam Specifications. If you have developed DevOps courseware you can submit it for review and if approved. You can become a DASA Courseware Partner.

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DASA Exam Service Providers

DASA is Proud to work with two of the Top Exam Service Providers in the Market, APMG-International and the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI). As DASA Exam Service Providers they oversee the logistical infrastructure and services to administer DASA Exams.

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