Do you or your organization want to join other leading IT thought leaders from industry, software, training and consulting organizations working cooperatively to build the most open, comprehensive platform available in the market for DevOps and Agile Skills Development? If so, there are many ways you can get involved from becoming a DASA Forerunner or Training Partner to building your own DASA Courseware and becoming a DASA Courseware Partner.

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Getting Involved

Within the DASA model there are three different types of membership. These are Delivery, Market Development, and Content Development. Delivery entails professional training organizations implementing DASA training programs within the professional market, Market Development includes building awareness and growing demand for DASA, and Content Development includes conducting market research and developing qualification initiatives.

DevOps is one of the most important areas which has impact for the way a company is structured and organized surrounding the development and operations processes within the company. We want to deliver top solutions on this area for our customers who are looking at, or already working with, DevOps and believe DASA is an important part for delivering these solutions.

Sjon Post, Program Manager at Computrain